Let’s take a look back at some of the popular babeshows and web shows owned by the Babestation brand throughout the years.

babestation babe, Poppy May shows her legs
Poppy May


Babestation is at the top of the live babeshow tier, having made its debut on December 4th 2002. Originally, it featured a live stream with three babes on a couch, accompanied by a visible text box on screen. In the beginning, the models didn’t appear topless or nude. It was Taylor McKenzie’s daring move of flashing her big tits that marked the first instance of a babeshow model appearing topless, sparking a whole new concept. Around 2005, Babestation began gaining international recognition, with well-known celebrities and radio DJs chatting about the babeshow in mainstream media. During that era, iconic super babes like Tixie, Tiffany Chambers, Dani O’Neal, Camilla, Geri, Caty Cole, Amanda Rendall, and Delta White graced the screen, offering 2-4-1 phone sex and topless performances. Babestation has evolved exponentially over the years, maintaining its top performers such as Alice Goodwin, Beth Bennett, and twins Preeti & Priya. Connect with live babestation online babes via nude cams on Babestation Cams where you’ll find hot PAWG babes and well-known British porn stars.


Shortly after Babestation aired, Babecast emerged, offering various sets like boudoir, office, and hospital settings. Models would roleplay in these sets wearing sexy lingerie, encouraging viewers to call or text the babeshow. Popular stars on Babecast included MILF Dionne Mendez, Jane Whitehouse, Vicky Valentine, Donna Duke, Caty Cole, Jemma Jey and Reede Fox. Many of Babecast’s models later featured on other babe channels including Studio 66, Redlight Central, and Xpanded.

babestation babe, Caty Cole lifts her dress
Caty Cole

Live XXX 

Live XXX was on Sky TV and featured an interactive segment for explicit adult phone chat  before transitioning to pay-per-view for hardcore girl-girl sex. Live XXX occasionally entertained viewers with a “flash the gash” segment at the end of the free-to-air hour to encourage pay-per-view purchases. Obviously this worked a treat…

Lads Lounge 

Lads Lounge was a daytime chat show where on-screen babes accepted calls and texts from viewers, offering live on-air chat and replies. Did you know that mainstream TV personality Katie Piper made her debut TV appearance on Lads Lounge?

Party Girls 

A nighttime show produced in the same studio as The Chat, Party Girls featured some of Babestation’s biggest stars, including Yvette ‘Tallywacker’ Merriman. Party Girls was a fun show that encouraged fans to text in, where on screen models would read the texts live on air and react to viewer text requests. In January 2009, Yvette and Dani O’Neal set a record for viewer text requests on Party Girls.

babestation porn star, Dani O'Neal
Dani O’Neal

BS Xtra 

BS Xtra focused on viewers texting in and chatting with the model, who would get on the mic and discuss viewer pictures and texts. Girls would then invite viewers to call in later in the evening. BS Xtra mainly operated as an avenue to promote upcoming shows on Babestation and Partyland.

The Chat 

Similar to daytime chat shows like “Loose Women,” The Chat featured two models sitting at a desk. Viewers were encouraged to text in to chat about current events or call the girls to chat about various topics. Voicemails from viewers could also be broadcast live on air, and occasionally, the producer joined the models on screen, engaging in discussions.


For hardcore content like solo masturbation, pussy play, vibratoy buzz action, girl-girl live sex and explicit boy-girl fucking scenes, Sexstation provided the perfect option. Renowned British porn stars like Angel Long, Poppy Morgan, Tammy Oldham, Karina Currie, Jasmine Jae and Alicia Rhodes, started as glamour models on Sexstation. It debuted on the Lucky Star channel (Sky 910) in 2006 and was initially known as Live XXX. Models like Karina Currie, Tammy Oldham, and Kimmy Haze made their debut on Live XXX/Sexstation before achieving success in the babeshow and porn industry.

Tammy Oldham naked on sexstation babeshow
Tammy Oldham

Blue Kiss 

Blue Kiss offered a cheap phone sex to those new to babe channels. It was the least expensive of the high-end babe channels, allowing fans to chat with models like Chelsea French, porn star Gem Stone and Jada for just 75p per minute. Daryl Morgan, Alex Adams, and Reede Fox, known Babecast performers, occasionally appeared on Blue Kiss for one-off weekend specials.


As the inaugural babe channel on Freeview, Partyland showcased the most prominent and sought-after performers from Babestation, exuding an air of sophistication. While the show predominantly featured a model taking calls while seated on a bed against a pink backdrop, Partyland occasionally embraced a gothic aesthetic, even shooting scenes in the iconic lift from the Sexstation studio.

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