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Red Light Central - A Classic Babe Channel

Red Light Central, also known as Red Light TV, was a live babe show that was broadcast live from the Red Light Central house Bristol. It was shown on SKY Channels 902, 910, 932, and 933. Red Light Central also broadcast Playboy TV, and during its time on our television screens, it was one of the top four babe channels to broadcast in the Adult section of the EPG, along with Studio 66, Xpanded, and, of course, Babestation.

What Made Red Light Central Different?

The high level of realism they incorporated into their sets was one of Red Light Central's most distinctive features. making use of high production values to create environments that phone sex operators can perform in that are believable. For instance, the bar set had a full-sized bar, drinks bottles behind the counter, ample lighting, and enough space for three or four models to perform in comfortably. Then, in a different area of the studio, you might see an airplane set with a complete cross-section of a passenger plane and real airplane seats for the girls to pretend to be cabin crew or even horny passengers on the caller's fantasy sex flight. It's possible that Red Light Central's partnership with Playboy made this level of attention to detail possible and gave it such a distinctive place in the aesthetic of babe shows as we know them.

Red Light Central - Classic Babes

For some keen babe channel enthusiasts, Red Light Central can only hope to finish third or second on the list of the best live babeshows. However for many others, it has consistently claimed some of the biggest names in live, cheap phonesex, live sex cams, and the British porn industry since the beginning of their careers. And deserves a place in the conversation for the best ever. Such big names Red Light Central helped discover include:

Dannii Harwood - it is hard to imagine Dannii Harwood as anything other than a babeshow legend and Onlyfans millionaire. However, in the early days of Red Light Central, she had a one-of-a-kind partnership with Zara Lee, another big-name and big tit beauty. The two of them would perform together in domination-themed shows, playing submissive and dominatrix roles or sometimes both in the dom role while they dominated their submissive callers.

Ruby Summers - if you liked what you saw on Red Light Central XXX, you should check out what Ruby has in store for you if you join the Babestation VIP members area. Ruby's webshows featured her completely naked and with her pussy exposed.

Jenna Hoskins - when she appeared on screen with her friend Lucy Summers, (also a favourite on Red Light Central) and fellow dirty blonde. They used to have all kinds of filthy fun together. After that, they both relocated to Babestation, where some of their filthy BSX girl on girl sex shows are regarded as classics.

Sarah Daniels - is a stalwart of the babeshows who has appeared on a variety of adult babe channels and is still causing a stir on Babestation's pervcam at the moment. You can catch up with Sarah by checking the Babestation Schedule to determine when she will be performing next.

Delia Rose - is another long-running babeshow and webcam model who came over from the Red Light Central television show. Her filthy shows can be enjoyed on Babestation Cams. Keep an eye out for her upcoming collaboration with Bella Mendez for some of the hottest lesbian action on the internet.

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