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What Is Sexstation?

From 2006 to 2011, Live Sexstation was broadcast live on Rampant TV and on the SKY digital channel "LUCKY STAR" on channel 910. For the first six months of its existence, it was known as LiveXXX. Then it gradually changed its name to Sexstation TV. The show would begin at 9 p.m. and broadcast nonstop naked action until the early morning hours. From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m on the Adult Channel the show was free for all SKY viewers to watch. The show really picked up after 11 p.m. when it went encrypted. Live from the studio, fully naked babes, dildos, pussy play, ass play, and girl-on-girl lesbian sex performances were performed with the cheap phone sex line so that viewers could call up and interact with the babes while they were performing behind the paywall.

Sexstation Sexy TB & Online Fun

The encryption went with Sexstation once it was fully established outside of LiveXXX, and for the first time, viewers were able to watch the entire show from 9 p.m. to 5.30 a.m. Since audiences were now able to view the content that used to be hiding behind the paywall for the first time, calls poured in, and ratings more than doubled. The feature that allowed viewers to send text messages and pictures directly to the babes who were on screen in the hopes of being rated, getting a shout-out, or being featured in some way on the show when the girls got on the mic was one of the show's other new additions. Not many people are aware that Sexstation was the first show to use Pervcam in its earliest form. However, the camera didn't just point at the babe's pussy; instead, it showed the entire studio, including the backstage areas.

Sexstation Goes Online

Sexstation stopped broadcasting at all in 2011 and focused solely on providing live sex cam shows and filthy hardcore porn on its own website,, featuring top UK pornstars. In 2018, the then-unknown Preeti and Priya made a brief comeback on live Sexstation television, but by then, even their appearance could not restore the channel's popularity. Therefore, the show's final home would be Not that this would necessarily be the end of it.

During its existence, Sexstation established itself as a pioneer in the field of webcam innovations. experimenting with live sex on television. They gave viewers the ability to control a remote-controlled camera in 2006, allowing them to move it in any direction they wanted. After that, in 2008, Sexstation began making its very own extreme webseries. The same filthy phone sex as the Babestation babe channels were available to viewers, but with webcam, girl-on-girl, and open leg pervcam angles. Sexstation has always been the dirtiest version of Babestation, providing the most extreme, XXX-rated shows every day.

Sexstation live began its new incarnation as a web-only show in 2011 when it ceased broadcasting on television channels. allowing viewers to watch its content for free online via Sexstation mobile or on their computers Sexstation's run ended in 2014, and the show changed its name to Babestation Unleashed.

The Most Popular Sexstation Babes

Sexstation can say with pride that it helped launch the careers of a number of famous people in the British porn industry. Names like Karina Currie, whose audio porn stories can be heard on the Babestation video wall. Kimmy Haze, Tammy Oldham, and, of course, Dionne Mendez, arguably Sexstation's most popular babe. If you visit the Sexstation website right now, you can find a slew of solo videos of Dionne Mendez playing with her toys and teasing her pussy with her fingers. Alternately, you can view a lot of Dionne Mendez content as well as hundreds of other Babestation and Sexstation girls in hardcore porn content by joining the Babestation VIP members area. Alyssa Divine and Sam Bentley, well-known British porn stars, have also been prominently featured on the Sexstation schedule in solo, boy/girl, and girl/girl scenes, as well as live cam content and Sexstation streams.

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