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Name: TammyO
Age: 38
Turns on: It's mostly about the sparkle in the eyes baby hehehe!
Availability: I'm very flexible - I'm doing 3 hours of cams every other day when I'm not shooting!xx
Group chat: 2.00 credits/minute
Private chat: 3.00 credits/minute

About Me

I'm a bouncy bubbly blonde who loves everything about sex! I'm very adventurous and love fellow sex mad people hehehe! I've been in the sex industry since 2001 and love it just has much today has I did when I first started - I've been in just about all the top shelve mags: men only, club international, razzle, escort just to name a few and done lots of yummy girl/girl videos - I also been on these naughty channels over the years: Live XXX, Babestation, Sexstation, BlueKiss and BSX as well as: and Babestation Unleashed web shows. Now you'll mainly find me getting down and dirty on cam in the comforts of my own home - so if your feeling naughty please come join me!

My Private Galleries

  • Title: Come join me in my bedroom of fun

    Pictures: 11

    Description: Tammy wearing black stocking with red seams up the back, suspender belt, read and black bra with matching French panties, short black leather skirt, big red lips and hairy f****!

    Cost: 4.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: My little pink dress!

    Pictures: 12

    Description: Little pink dress, thong, Bare legs, open toe shoes, open and spread bum cheeks!

    Cost: 5.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Cum Join your puss in boots lol!

    Pictures: 21

    Description: Morron coloured lace all in one, boots an in my bedroom!!xx

    Cost: 7.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: cum see my stocking feet!

    Pictures: 25

    Description: dressed in a white shirt and stockings with bright red lips!xx

    Cost: 7.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Take me on my now empty book shelve - who needs books lol!

    Pictures: 39

    Description: Me getting vert naughty in a place where I'm told I should keep my books .... if I had them lol !!!! big red lips, hairy p****, and stocking feet - dressed in a black Lacey nightie, black stockings with red seams, suspender belt and fancy red thong!!xx

    Cost: 10.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Me getting fruity in Shiny black leggings

    Pictures: 35

    Description: Bright pink and black bra and matching thongs, shiny black leggings, sparkly high heels, feet, hairy p****, fingers in .... , standing up, squatting ,bent over and laying back!!

    Cost: 8.50 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Tammy washing the pots in her marigolds turns a chore into naughty fun!

    Pictures: 53

    Description: Dirty blonde, washing the pots, wearing marigolds, black little dress, Black bra, matching thong, suspender belt, tan with black seamed stockings, high heels with ankle straps, hairy p****, bent over and cleavage

    Cost: 10.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Tammy getting VERY naughty for the first time in the Babestation studio

    Pictures: 44

    Description: Tammy is wearing a black lacy dress, tan stockings with black seams, suspenders, black thong, black stiletto shoes. Playing with a lovely big black d**** cow girl both ways, and sucking it deep after! So much fun!

    Cost: 10.00 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Tammy getting naughty for the 2nd time in the babestation studio's

    Pictures: 16

    Description: getting titties ready for horny fun on the boudoir set - wearing a black velvet and lace cocktail dress, red lacey thongs, bare legs and heels!xx

    Cost: 4.50 credits Buy Now

  • Title: Tammy's Mirror of fun

    Pictures: 28

    Description: Tammy having fun in the mirror dressed in my mini backless red dress, red thongs and black seamed stockings

    Cost: 7.50 credits Buy Now

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Service provided in the United Kingdom, 184 The Terrace The Dell, Southampton SO15 2BU

Meet the TV Babeshow and Cam Girls from our Hottest Adult Television Stations

Babestation, Studio 66 TV, Xpanded, and Playboy TV Chat are the main UK Babeshow channels. They have appeared on UK television since 2002. Babestation and Studio 66 TV also stream on the internet through Rampant TV while Xpanded TV streams on instead of Rampant TV. While Babestation was the first babeshow channel on UK television, it was not the first in Europe. The channels first appeared on the Hot Bird satellite. Sexysat TV was the first of these. First filmed in the Netherlands it is now filmed in Slovakia.

Babestation started in 2002. Filming took place in studios close to Great Portland Street in the West End of London. Filming now takes place in Milton Keynes. This is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. It runs Babestation Xtra on Freeview channel 174 and Babestation on Sky 906 and Freesat 870. It is also streamed on Rampant TV.

Filming for Studio 66 takes place in Chiswick, West London. Studio 66 has three channels on Sky. They appear on channel numbers 912, 940, and 941. The channels are Studio 66 channels 1, 2, and 3.

Xpanded TV is on Freeview Channel 678. It is also on Sky Channel 902. Xpanded TV 2 is on Sky Channel 914.

At present only Babestation is on Virgin Media. None of the other babe channels are on it. This could change in the future.

Many girls have appeared on many babeshow channels. Many former Babestation babes currently appear on Xpanded. They include Lacey Lorenzo, Amanda Rendall, Honey Scott, and Stevie Louise. Girls who have been on Studio 66 and Xpanded TV include Rebecca Ryder, Carmel Moore, and Tiffany Rose. Other babeshow stars include Priya Young, Sophie Hart, Jasmine James, and Nicole Snow.

Levi has featured on Babestation in the past but now appears on Xpanded TV. She has made mainstream media appearances on shows such as Judge Rinder. She has also appeared in many news publications. These include the Mirror, Independent, Daily Mail, Metro, Telegraph, and the Daily Star. Amanda Rendall of B abestationTV have both featured in The Sun newspaper.

Alice Goodwin is a top glamour star and her husband Jermaine Pennet featured on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018. Danni Harwood was the star of Playboy Tv and Red Light but now features every thursday night on Babestation. Ashley Emma a top glamour Star made her babe debut on studio66 but is not the top girl on Babestation.

Sophie Reade won Big Borther it now regulary appears on Babestation and Babestationcams

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