Whatever happened to the Super Babe?

While browsing through old blogs from the deepest depths of the archives I came across a blog by @Babe_TV that was originally posted back in 2014. They touched on a very interesting subject which is the topic of babeshow ‘super babes’. Now ‘super babes’ were not just babeshow girls. Oh no no no. super babes were in fact luminaries; celebrities in their own right. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of super babes and what they brought to the table back in the earlier days of the babeshows. We’ll also look at what today’s version of a babeshow super babe looks like, and if they even exist today.

super babe Dani O'Neal topless, big tits
Dani O’Neal

Although there are many ‘super babes,’ they predominantly belong to a previous babe channel era. Most of them rose to fame in the 2000s. While a handful of exceptions have emerged in this decade, it seems that the influx of new ‘super babes’ is dwindling, perhaps even grinding to a halt. The question is; are we witnessing the end of the babe channel ‘super babe’ era altogether? If so, what are the reasons? Let’s see….

This blog focuses on the historical aspects of the live babeshow industry, showcasing models who have since faded from the spotlight. Despite this, some of these babestation babes still maintain a dedicated following through Instagram and Onlyfans. However, the driving force behind the fascination with live babeshow babes mainly falls on the models’ current presence. When a babe is current within the babe channel industry, she can become a huge star. However, her fame can dissipate swiftly if she takes a long enough break from the live babeshows. In some cases, we’re not talking about the span of months or even weeks. Instead, we’re referring to a matter of hours, or perhaps just minutes. In some cases, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

Tiffany Chambers lets her big tits show
Tiffany Chambers

Many years back, the comedian Vic Reeves was questioned about which comedy act he believed would emerge victorious in a viewer poll. He responded something along the lines of, “It will be whoever is on TV when they conduct the vote.” His insight proved accurate, and displayed just how fickle a mass audience can be.

Back in the day 

Back in the early days of babeshows, text votes for “Best Babe” polls often favoured the model who was engaging with viewers at the moment of the vote. As an example, in the lead-up to Christmas 2009, Babestation Xtra ran a “Queen of Babestation” poll spanning three nights. During the first two nights, Geri garnered a comfortable lead while she served as the primary presenter. However, when Geri was absent on the third night, and hosting was taken over by Jodie and Alex Adams, Geri’s votes stopped. Alex surged ahead and then Jodie assumed the microphone for the final segment, ultimately clinching victory. It’s worth noting that the winners of these contests, which were prevalent in the 2000s, were not necessarily the models viewers had just witnessed stripping off on screen but rather those who were actively engaging in adult phone chat with them.

super babe Geri performing phone sex

The extent to which the voting process was influenced by the presence of a model and her likability, versus the desire of fans to establish a connection with the model, remains unclear. It’s likely that both factors played a role, but the balance isn’t really of importance. What mattered was that it wasn’t solely a model’s physical attributes that secured her victory in the poll. It truly appeared to be her ability to connect with the audience. A prime example would be Daryl Morgan. Daryl’s celebrity status came naturally to her, requiring no deliberate efforts to sustain or enhance her fanbase.

Does social media presence affect a babes status?

Twitter offers a pretty interesting perspective. When you search for @mentions of babes who haven’t been on TV for a while, you’ll find the clung is fairly non-existent. In essence, if they are not currently on TV, there is usually a lack of user discussions about them. There are a few exceptions, but even those exceptions tend to rely on active Twitter or Instagram engagement. If they go inactive for a couple of weeks, it’s common for people to simply stop talking about them. On the flip side, when you search for @mentions of high-profile babes who are currently on TV, it’s a frenzy. There’s a huge influx of @mentions and messages from devoted fans.

Super Babe Ashley Emma in red lingerie
Ashley Emma

In current times, there’s a noticeable trend suggesting that the era of the ‘super babe’ in the world of babeshows is waning. While the existing ‘Superbabes’ like Preeti, Priya and Ashley Emma continue to retain their fans’ attention, it appears increasingly challenging for newer Babestation girls to achieve the same level of prominence.

However, the idea of a fresh babeshow model joining Twitter today and swiftly amassing hundreds of followers along with a flurry of messages within the first day is becoming exceedingly hard to imagine, even for those who regularly appear on Freeview shows.

Superbabes and Onlyfans

It’s clear that the concept of a ‘super babe’ in the babeshow industry is facing a huge decline. Many have speculated that this could be due to the rise of platforms like OnlyFans. In the past, the appeal of these ‘superbabes’ stemmed from their exclusive appearances on television. However, with the introduction of sites like OnlyFans, models now have the ability to directly connect with their fan base, offering personalised content on their terms. This shift has made it easier for a wider array of models to establish their online presence, diminishing the exclusivity that was once synonymous with ‘super babes.’ While the ‘super babe’ concept may not be entirely obsolete, it’s evolving in the digital age, where models can build their brands independently, thereby altering the landscape of the babeshow industry.

Past Superbabes

Camilla Jayne, Emily Dean, Dani O’Neal, Tiffany Chambers and Delta White are just some of the babes who were at the top of the babeshow leaderboard back in the day. These models remained consistent in maintaining their superbabe status where they remained until they left the babeshows.

Preeti and Priya topless together
Preeti and Priya

Present Superbabes

Twins Preeti and Priya, Alice Goodwin, Ashley Emma, Atlanta Moreno and Amber Paige are just a small number of the current superbabes currently featured on Babenation. Explore their nude content in the VIP galleries or see who is online now on BS Cams.


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