Researchers in Japan make link between low sex drive and death

According to reports in iflscience, Researchers in Japan have discovered a close connection between men’s lack of sex drive and an increased risk of death. Before you jump to conclusions, there are other factors to consider such as BMI, is the person a smoker or heavy drinker and does the person suffer from psychological distress. These are all things that need to be taken into account. Researchers at Yamagata University analysed the data of over 20,000, consisting of 8,558 males and 12,411 females. The people surveyed were all over 40-years-old and they each underwent annual health check-ups in the Yamagata Prefecture. Researchers then assessed their levels of sexual arousal and their risk of dying from cancer and heart disease, among other health conditions.



This brings us to the link between libido and longevity of life. Researchers uncovered the connection that all causes of death were higher among men who lacked a healthy interest in sex. Even when age, smoking, alcohol intake and marital status were taken into account, the findings were still true. The women in the study were found to be more than twice as likely to report a lower interest in sex than the men. However, researchers didn’t find any link between women’s low libido and longevity of life. Sorry fellas, it’s only you lot who appear to be affected.

This study is the first of its kind to examine the link between sexual interest and all-cause mortality in a community-based population. It’s worth noting that researchers also stated that “males lack of sexual interest may be related with unhealthy lifestyles”, so it’s not too late to change if you are all concerned about what you’ve read in this study. It’s highly likely that men who have a low sex drive are experiencing this die to an underlying health concern such as inflammation or a problem with their neuroendocrine system, which can make someone more vulnerable to disease. Also mental health issues such as depression and antidepressants can severely affect one’s sex drive.


We do wonder why this link wasn’t connected to women seeing as women experience the same health concerns. However, this was all done in the same region of Japan so it would be interesting to see if the connection still stands if the research was done in another part of the world to see if data showed anything different. It’s also worth noting that out of over 20,000 people surveyed, only 200 of those were LGBTQ+  so it’s not quite enough to build a case around.

In conclusion, considering the prospect of establishing campaigns to promote sexuality as a way to enhance public health can’t hurt. Who knows, we might even see NHS doctor’s prescribing Babestation credits to patients with a low libido. I personally believe a healthy sex drive can cure a multitude of health concerns. It’s been documented that regular orgasms can stave off depression. You don’t even need a partner. Browse the girl’s individual profile pages on Babenation and choose a model to have an intimate webcam encounter with. Why not try sexting one of our models  to get yourself in the mood. Alternatively, the VIP members area is bursting with explicit videos featuring the babeshow babes.


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