What is Zarwood?

Zarwood was a babeshow that featured Lucy Zara and Danni Harwood, specializing in girl-girl domination on the UK Babe Channel Tease me TV run by Bang Babes. The show provided an introduction to the themes of female dominance and submissives in a unique and entertaining way. Although it is no longer being aired, Zarwood remains a part of the history of British Babe Channels.

The Ultimate Babeshow: An Introduction

Following the initial 2 girl shows featuring Dannii Harwood and Lucy Zara, the program quickly amassed a cult following with fans eagerly anticipating each new show. With each show viewers were treated to an exciting and engaging domination experience that pushed the boundaries further . Much to joy of the fans both Lucy and Dannii took to the popular babeshow forum to promote the up and coming shows.


Lucy Zara Wrote:
I hope you are ready for us guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! your mistresses will be waiting for you to call as we need our slaves to Dominate and to do as there are told!!!!!!!!

Hello Slaves are you ready for dom dannii? It is dom hour guys there will be no topless it is only for guys that are into being dominated!!! Although the chat will be some what adult it will be different from the regular sexting and adult phone chat on the bang babes. This is something different (my idea that Im really looking forward to) as you all know I am pro dom I work with mistress Lucy Zara. This is your chance to dominated by a real life dom take a step into the dark side, if it’s not for you????? you dont know if you dont try!

Watch some clips of the show here: Lucy Zara and Dannii Harwood Domination Night.

How young was Dannii Harwood and Lucy Zara here? Really early clip from tease me TV aka Bang babes

Rubber dress, leather gloves, thigh high boots. I think Dannii ‘gets’ the Dom look the best.

It’s like she could take you apart and anything left would just wipe off.

I thought that was their best show yet. (lots of nipples and acting and a bit of spanking)
I’m still hoping to see Lucy tied to the cross and have a ball gag put in her mouth so tightly that she drools.Nipple clamps would be sexy too.The foot stuff is no turn on for me.
I’d love to see Lucy as a slave and do her own ‘i’m your slave’ night!


Why was the Bang Babes G/G Show nicknamed Zarwood?

The Bang Babes G/G Show is a popular show on the Babeshows, featuring Danni Harwood and Lucy Zara who engage in domination banter. Fans have given the show the nickname “Zarwood”, referencing the playful and seductive dynamic between the hosts.

What happened to Zarwood?

Zarwood was a significant contributor to the success of Bang Babes, however, the channel faced regulatory issues with Ofcom, which culminated in the infamous “Lollypop gate” scandal. Sadly, this led to the revocation of their broadcast license by Ofcom. The incident not only affected Bang Babes but also raised questions about the regulation of adult content on TV and the wider impact of broadcasting standards.

A lot of the babes from Bang moved over to Bristols Red Light Central home of Playboy Chat and the Playboy TV , Lucy had a try out at babestation but it wasn’t for her so both end appeared on RLC and recreated the Zarwood shows

With the demise of Red Light Danni moved to Babestation were she was a big success

Danni finally retired from the Babeshows in 2018 but her career went on to new highs. when she became the first Onlyfans superstar. Her popularity on the platform led to her being featured in an article in the prestigious New York Times, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry.

Lucy moved onto Studio66 were she had a succesful career and is still active today on Onlyfans even running a show called Zara TV. If your lucky you will catch Lucy on Babestationcams


Hi Guys…I’m so pleased to be with you all here on Babestation Cams…Lots of you will know me from my Glamour Model days going back to when I started as a Page 3 Model in 2000 then I was signed up to IMM ,Sam Bond Agency & SugarBabes in London. I was very well known in the Fetish Industry and featured heavily around Europe during this time for the TOP Fetish sites and companies as a Clothing Model and also within the Bondage world, this opened up loads more opportunities for me and I was regular face in many of the UK’s Lads Mags including FHM/LOADED/Front and Nuts etc ….but many of you will know me from my TV Channel Days and my Published Adult content for Mayfair/Penthouse/Playboy /Men Only and Club International for which I have won numerous Awards as Girl of The Year….so now I am here to get up close with you all and would love to spend some time LIVE on Cam for some Filthy Fun ……So Cum & Play with Me !!!!!

Similar Babeshows like Zarwood

There have been other popular two girl shows such as Mica Martinez and Caty Cole, Ashley Emma and Lori Buckby, in recent month Amber Paige, Megan Rox and April Mae have caught babeshow fans eye and Amber Paige and Jennifer Wildes show got rave reviews

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