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I’ve neglected Playboy TV Chat a little on this blog to date, so I wanted to start redressing the balance with this post looking back at some scenes from the Freeview show of 2011 and 2012.

Playboy TV
Dionne Mendez

The opening image could only be Dionne Mendez. In the pic above she’s amid one of the handful of sections she did on Playboy’s Freeview shows – all of which were very special, although given Dionne’s extremely high standards, that was only to be expected. This was a remarkable sequence which maintained an explosive energy, focus and intense audience connection for the best part of an hour.

Playboy TV
Jennifer Jade

Above: Jennifer Jade could fairly be described as the face of the Playboy TV Chat Freeview show. She got a phenomenal amount of airtime, and as a relative newcomer to the live babeshows her dominance on the babe channels had to be considered a great achievement. Whilst PBTV was criticised for lacking variety on Freeview (and rightly to an extent), it couldn’t be denied that Jennifer Jade epitomised the brand.


The compilation above shows a great cross section of the attractions Playboy TV Chat screened on its Freeview show during 2011 and 2012. Going clockwise from top left there’s: 1) Dannii Harwood, 2) Kandi Kay, 3) Denni Tayla, 4) Ava Blue, 5) Lucy Zara with Ree Petra, and 6) Bailey Cream.

Playboy TV
Siobhan Hughes

Above: For the Freeview audience, Playboy TV Chat’s strict adherence to a limited rota and one main girl per night meant that some models were only seen quite briefly. Siobhan Hughes was an unusual sight on the Freeview channel.

Playboy TV
Ella Jolie

Above: This final striking image finds Mistress Ella Jolie in her dungeon of domination, whip at the ready, and in no mood for backchat from pathetic, inadequate slaves. Playboy TV Chat furnished itself pretty liberally with mistresses and, as is evident, purpose-created a set for domination. Ella was one of the girls who left Babestation in early 2012 and moved across to Playboy/RLC. Prior to her long spell at Babestation she was one of the original Partyland girls, but even before that she appeared on Freeview courtesy of a feed error which briefly brought Babecast TV to Channel 37.


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