Over the last 20 years of Babe show’s history, there have been a slew of renowned female female duet’s including Zarwood (Lucy Zara and Danni Harwood) Preeti and Priya, Amanda Rendell and Jemma Jey, Ashley Emma and Lori Buckby, Caty and Mica to mention a few. But up until last year there has never been a trio of babes that Babestation now has in Amber Paige , Megan Rox and April Mae.

Babestation trio
Amber Paige, Megan Rox and April Mae

Last year the babestation trio hit the newspapers when they opened up about some bonkers conversations with clients.

Megan Rox told the Daily Star how “One guy is just obsessed with biscuits.”

“He’s called me up a few times and he’s got a thing for biscuits and I don’t know what he really does with them… but he seems to enjoy himself.” Amber Paige then explained she said: “Every single one of them is mad in their own way, especially at nights when you get past 11pm.

“While on a cam call when I first joined I had a guy come on and he wanted me to spill things over myself.

Amber Paige

“I told him I didn’t have anything nearby, just a cup of tea and I wasn’t going to spill that on myself.

“But he begged me to pretend so I just sat on the bed pretending to pour a cup of tea down myself and I was like ‘oh god, I’m getting so close to spilling’.

“In my head I was thinking that my job was to serve cups of tea a few months back and here I was pretending to pour it down myself.”

Whilst April Mae, who used to be a dancer at gentlemen’s clubs before Babestation, added: “I had a phone call one night from a man who wanted to pretend to be a sea monster… that might be my weirdest call.”

Babestation Trio
April Mae

The Babes Play Super Mario Kart

Join us for an exciting game of Mario Kart in the Babestation Studio! In this video, watch as April Mae, Megan Rox, and I compete against each other in one of the most iconic racing games of all time.

Who will come out on top and be crowned the ultimate Mario Kart champion? Along the way, we’ll be cracking jokes, sharing laughs, and having an all-around great time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this fun-filled gaming session with us!

Babestation Friday Night Show

The Babestation TV Friday Night Show is a new format that you won’t see on of the other UK Babe Channels, where we put the girls’ personalities front and centre and have a bit of fun. Megan Rox & Amber Paige are kicking off the evening, before getting into the first game of the night, Dating Or Siblings?

Amber Paige & Megan Rox! Here the girls play, ‘Cake Or Real?’, where we show them a series of photos and they have to work out if they’re looking at a picture of a cake, or an actual object. Not sure why someone would go to the trouble of making a bog roll cake (spoiler). 

babestation trio
Megan Rox

The girls explore the relationship between food and sex! they do a blindfolded taste test. Not the most complicated test, it has to be said, I think it was just a good way to get a banana in Amber’s mouth… Next, they go through some funny, viewer-submitted horror stories that came about from bringing food and drink into the bedroom!

The girls are trying to work out recreate some little-known sex positions! Join Megan Rox, along with big ass Amber Paige acting out sex positions

Check out Amber Paige doing the Butt Lick on Megan Rox

Babestation Trio Babes of the Month

All three of the Babestation trio Babes have awarded the coveted babe of the Month Awards the top live babeshow award in the UK

Amber was the March 2021 Pin Up and she told us

July 2022 was  Megan’s turn as the prestigious Babe of the Month

Way back in November 2020 April Mae won the Babe Of The Month Award.


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