The UK Babe channel industry was rocked by the massive scandal known as Lollypop Gate, which implicated several prominent figures and had wide-ranging ramifications for all parties involved.

This article delves into the details of what occurred, who played a role, and the aftermath that ensued. Additionally, we examine the involvement of Amanda Rendell in the controversy and her impressive career as a renowned figure in live babeshows. Brace yourself for an enthralling narrative that is sure to captivate your attention.


Lollypop Gate The Full Story

The scandal known as Lollypop Gate gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons, involving a group of individuals who found themselves in a compromising situation that ultimately damaged their reputations.

The scandal brought together people from various backgrounds and caused quite a commotion in the media. The aftermath of Lollypop Gate was significant, leading to legal consequences and career setbacks for many involved.

This incident serves as a reminder that even the most accomplished individuals can easily fall from grace. In the mid-2000s, relationships between UK babe channels became increasingly strained as more channels launched and content became more explicit.  One channel starring babechannel Legend Jada had already lost its license from an Ofcom fine.

The babe channels in the UK were operating under a general Entertainment TV broadcast license, which allowed them to have a wide scope of programming. However, Ofcom was facing difficulties in regulating this industry. As the genre of Call TV (including shows like Quiz TV) gained popularity, Ofcom conducted a consultation to determine its nature. Unfortunately, a series of broadcast scandals involving major channels occurred in 2009. These cases had to be thoroughly investigated and resolved before the new code could be implemented, leading to delays.

Eventually the Babeshows would be classed as Telly shopping which has a much stricter code of practice and the wild west era of the babe channels was gone for ever.


Bang Babe – Babe Channel Bad Boys

Bang Babes: Four Years takes us back to the year 2010, reminiscing on the highly acclaimed period of Tease Me TV (Freeview Channel 98). It brings forth memories of how terrestrial night shows used to offer a remarkable viewing experience and reminds us of @babe_tv. The phrase “GET READY…” sets the tone for what’s to come.

Amanda Rendall’s Contribution

In the mid-2000s, the initial group of babe channel stars began to move on, and a new generation emerged. At the top of this new wave was Amanda Rendell, a Scottish sensation known as the A-Bomb. Amanda first gained popularity on Babestation, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

However, Babestation faced stiff competition from their rivals at Bang Babes. This competing channel had been luring many of Babestation’s top performers away with lucrative contracts, and it wasn’t long before Amanda caught their attention. Bang Babes offered Amanda an exclusive contract with a significant amount of money – an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Amanda was thrilled with the opportunity and may have let it go to her head a bit. Meanwhile, online forums dedicated to babe shows were gaining popularity among fans. Amanda’s captivating performances continued to impress viewers, who encouraged her to push herself even further. However, tensions finally boiled over in November…


25th November 2009 – Lollypop Gate

The following statement is derived from the Ofcom broadcast bulletin that reported a violation of the broadcast code.

“Bang Babes, Tease Me, 25 November 2009, 00:00 – 05.30 This broadcast also featured two presenters (the same who appeared in the Tease Me, 7 November 2009, 23:30 and the Tease Me, 24 November 2009, 22:00- 23:59 broadcasts). One presenter was wearing a skimpy pink thong, pink socks and pink fingerless gloves. Her pink bra was pulled down to expose her breasts. The other presenter was wearing a skimpy red thong and black fishnet stockings. Her black fishnet top was pulled down to show her breasts. During the broadcast the presenter wearing pink pulled the other presenter’s thong to the side and briefly but clearly inserted a lollypop into her vagina. The two presenters then sucked the lollypop. In addition, the presenters were shown bent over on all fours at various times, and due to the skimpy thongs they were wearing genital and anal detail was shown. The presenters touched and apparently licked each other’s genital and anal areas in a realistic way. The presenters were also shown: miming the insertion of an object into their anus; miming oral sex using their fingers and a phone; spanking each other; and licking each other’s breasts.”

Which resulted in the revocation of the Bang Media broadcast licenses.

Other breaches by Bang media.

Lollypop Gate – The Fallout

Although it took some time for Ofcom to investigate the Lollypop gate and other violations of the broadcast code by Bang Media, they eventually caught up with them and revoked their broadcast licenses.

As a result, the Bang channels disappeared from the Sky EPG. This event coincided with a change in broadcasting license and came to symbolize the early days of buccaneering for babe channels. Red Light Central quickly replaced Bang, as they had supplied much of the talent due to their involvement in the UK adult industry.

Many of the babes, including Zarwood Danni Harwood and Lucy Zara, made the transition from Bang to Red Light.

Amanda Rendell’s Babeshow Career

Amanda opted not to relocate to Red Light and instead launched her own online babe show, SheBang TV. This was a more explicit version of the typical babeshows, making Sexstation seem tame in comparison.

Although financial difficulties led to the closure of SheBang, Amanda went on to earn a substantial income by creating adult films at Bluebird TV. Eventually, she returned to her roots at Babestation where she still performs today. Despite facing negative attention, Amanda did not let this incident define her career; rather, she embraced it as an opportunity for professional growth and learning.

Her resilience through difficult times serves as an inspiration for anyone striving for success in a demanding industry like hers.

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