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Squirting Blogs

Squirting is a hugely popular porn genre that receives millions of searches every single day. However, many fans out there are skeptical that not all of the content they are seeing online is entirely real. What I’m saying is, could your favourite pornstar be faking it?

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The instructions go a bit like this squirting ultimate guide:

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Azura Alii: “I’ve done it a couple of times, i’ve never done it to myself but a couple of people have made me do it. It feels extremely weird, like peeing yourself but during sex, it’s weird, like a good weird.

Valentina: “It would take a lot to reach that point. My girlfriends who have done it, they’ve said it’s piss, or at least it feels like piss.”


Sarah Louise: “My take on it, is you piss yourself so I’m not about to do that to myself. If I was having sex or being fingered and I felt like it was going to happen, I’d definitely go with it!”


Abby B:  “When you come, your toes tingle. But when you squirt, your whole insides vibrate, and the rush goes all the way up your body into your head, it feels like you’re high!”

Abby B

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