No one ever thinks of good fun times when they think of Ofcom but the media governing body is an absolute necessity and hence there are rules that must be adhered to. The adult phone chat, XXX industry probably knows better than anyone about the stringent rules and yet many adult companies still find themselves in hot water. Take SEL for example, SEL stands for Satellite Entertainment Limited and they hold the licences for 3 babe channels. They landed themselves in a spot of bother with the TV censor and managed to get slapped with a whopping £90,000 fine.

If you’re wondering what on earth a company has to do to receive such a hefty fine, here it is – The huge fine was for censorship breaches by the 3 babe channels – Essex Babes, Northern Birds and Live XXX Babes. 

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Ofcom found that on nine separate occasions SEL had failed to provide recordings of Essex Babes, Northern Birds and Live XXX Babes to Ofcom upon request. For those who don’t know, failure to hand over a recording puts the company in breach of licensing condition 11.

A report compiled by  stated that during the time period SEL (Satellite Entertainment Limited) had rented the babe channel to a 3rd party who then dealt directly with Ofcom. After SEL discovered the multiple compliance issues by the company it leased the channels so they terminated the agreement and hoped that would be the end of it. However, Ofcom’s Sanctions Committee weren’t about to brush it under the rug and they had concerns that SEL had lost control of its services to a 3rd party. Ultimately the penalty was SEL’s problem and as the licensee they had to take full responsibility for compliance. Yikes. There’s no such thing as passing the buck where Ofcom are concerned.

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  1. […] This incident serves as a reminder that even the most accomplished individuals can easily fall from grace. In the mid-2000s, relationships between UK babe channels became increasingly strained as more channels launched and content became more explicit.  One channel starring babechannel Legend Jada had already lost its license from an Ofcom fine. […]


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