Babestation performer Alice Goodwin, who was born in Staffordshire in 1985, attended the ‘Newcastle-under-Lyme School’, where she had aspirations to become a primary school teacher. However, her life took a very different path when a talent agent from the Daily Star discovered teen 18+ model Alice Goodwin while she was sunbathing on Bournemouth beach. From there, Alice regularly graced the pages of various lads’ magazines such as Nuts, Zoo, and Front, appearing on both covers and inside features. Despite Alice not completing her studies to become a primary school teacher, Alice earned the title of “World’s Sexiest Teacher” in Zoo magazine.

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Alice Goodwin’s popularity continued to soar as she claimed the coveted top spot on the annual “Hot 100 List” published by FHM. Alice’s widespread appeal is evident from the fact that her name is searched on Google over 15 thousand times a month, according to data. Around 2008, Alice Goodwin joined the babeshows where she became a fan favourite. She was one of the first celebrity models to join the babe channels. During 2010, the Babe Channel industry underwent a significant transformation. Bang Babes faced closure following the infamous “lollipop gate scandal” involving Amanda Rendell, known as the A Bomb. As a consequence, Bang Babes was heavily fined by Ofcom and eventually went out of business. However, this unfortunate event paved the way for the emergence studio Red Light central, the Bristol-based channel and studio that rose from the ashes of Bang Babes’ demise.

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In 2010, the industry buzz centered around the new Bluebird TV channels, renowned for their high-budget British porn productions. Bluebird had already made waves in the porn production scene by offering higher rates to models and rumours of lucrative signing bonuses started to circulate. Bluebird had set its sights on entering  the UK babe channel industry. They began poaching top talent from existing babeshows, with plans to launch their operations from Woking studios in the summer of 2010. However, despite a huge offer from Bluebird TV, Alice Goodwin went on to join Elite TV, which was later rebranded as Studio 66. The signing of a prominent glamour figure like Alice Goodwin by Elite TV sent a strong message that Elite TV was not going anywhere. Instead, they were determined to stay and compete in the fiercely competitive UK babe channel market. Alice made her babeshows debut on the Elite TV day show on the 19th of April 2010.

Alice Goodwin on meet the babes

In the lead up to Alice’s arrival to the babeshows, fans were eager as to who the new sign up might be. Fans discussed the topic on the babe show forum and speculated as to who could be the next big thing on Elite TV. When it was revealed at midnight that Alice Goodwin queen was joining the phone sex channels, the fans couldn’t contain their excitement. Alice was mainly a daytime babe for several years before transitioning to night time topless work. From the early days on Elite TV, Alice would go on to become a top trending babe on Studio 66 TV for many years to come. However, on July 4th 2014 Alice made her debut on Babestation TV which is where she remains today.

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