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Riri Smith

Riri Smith has worked in the XXX adult industry since she was a teen 18+ but her previous work mainly consisted of topless photographic modelling. Riri decided to join the live babeshow industry because she wanted to have fun and interact with callers. Riri recently spoke to the Daily Star about her journey to becoming a Babestation model and revealed the most common fetish requests she gets.

Riri enjoys both glamour modelling and having an OnlyFans account, but neither has given her a defined schedule and set routine. She joined Babestation for this very reason, and she’s so happy she did. For those who are unaware, Babestation is a UK-based adult sex chat television channel that has been broadcasting since 2002. Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Riri said:

“My job at Babestation is fun, I enjoy it a lot. I take phone calls, I live broadcast over several platforms and I also take one on one video calls and streams.”

Riri Smith

Brunette beauty Riri says her day starts when she arrives at the studio at 11am just before her shift starts. She goes straight to the dressing room and gets out all her makeup, outfits and hair straighteners and gets ready for her TV appearance. Next, she’ll log into her own private Babestation pervcam account and phone line and then set up all her live streams so that she is able to cam and take calls. She said:

“I’ll message my viewers back and forth, some will give me a ring, some will take me to a private video call or stream and some will just message me on my public message wall. I usually take lunch around 1pm or 2pm, after lunch I’ll change my outfit and then I log back on and continue my stream until 6.30pm when I finish my shift.”

Riri continued:

“I became a Babestation model because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I remember seeing Babestation when I was a teenager and I had just started out in the modelling industry. I knew adult entertainment was an industry I wanted to be in and Babestation is a very well known site. I knew by joining I could make good money, get the routine I wanted and open the door to a lot more opportunities for me in this industry.”

Riri Smith, who has over 22K followers on TikTok wants to let all the new girls considering a career in glamour know that the application process for the job is incredibly straightforward easy. Riri simply had to apply online before she received an emailed back to inform her that she had been accepted. She hasn’t looked back since. She said:

“I’m quite new on the site so I don’t really get strange requests yet but I get a lot of foot fetish clientele, which is quite a popular thing for cam girls I think. So far I don’t really get a lot of hate either. When I do I tend to ignore it. Girls online are actually really supportive and intrigued by my work. The only people that tend to have a problem with it is men and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

Riri Smith

Riri speaks of her family’s reaction when she told them about her X-Rated career:

“My family and friends are supportive of me. Theirs’ is the only opinion I would ever take note of anyway.”

Riri goes on to talk about the security that working at Babestation offers unlike generic webcam work:

“If work is slow you will have money coming in guaranteed which I think is really good. The rest you make off tips and private calls. There isn’t a set wage and every day is different. The more effort you put in, the more rewarding it can be. A popular misconception about my job is that you have to be nude or offer explicit services as a webcam model. You don’t! You can do whatever you are comfortable with! There is a market for everyone.”

Riri Smith also revealed that her Onlyfans has been busier than ever since joining Babestation as it gives her the TV promotion she wouldn’t otherwise get. Riri really enjoys the flexibility of working at Babestation because she can work from the studio or from home:

I have unlimited earning potential and the team of producers and the other girls are super nice. I’ve made new, like-minded friends which is hard to do in this industry. If you’ve ever thought about it, I highly recommend it! You honestly will never look back.”

If you know anyone who would be perfect for Babestation, send them our way.


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