@Babe_TV remembers more scenes from the early days of live babeshows.  This blog gives us more information about Partyland and the babes who made it special.

Previously, I looked at some of the original Partyland show’s wackier sets as they were in spring and summer 2009, but in this post I want to look at some of the more conventional scenes, linking in with some bits of trivia from the programme along the way.

I’ve compiled a brief roundup of typical old scenes. Going clockwise from top left there’s… 1) Reede Fox and Caty Cole appearing together on Freeview just after 1am on 20th March 2009.

Reede Fox and Caty Cole

2) Ella Jolie. Much was made of the fact that Ella was only 19 in the early days of Partyland, but she was another very good presenter with a likeable, friendly and modern approach.

Ella Jolie


3) Lori Buckby on one of her first Partyland appearance (more on that later).

Lori and Elle

On Freeview, PL ran from 1am to 05.30, broadcasting on Freeview Channel 50. You’ll also notice that the programme is listed on the EPG as “Partyland Live”. It was listed simply as Partyland from its opening night on 19th to 20th March 2009 to late June ’09 (25th I think), after which it became and remained Partyland Live. However, the girls very rarely if ever introduced or referred to the show as Partyland Live, and continued to call it Partyland (although Karina Currie more often called it Partyland TV, and after its move to the Babestation studios, I remember Kelly Carter amusingly calling it Partay-Land, with the emphasis on “Land”). Channel 50 was called “Partyland” throughout its time carrying the show.

Lori Buckby had her own pic promo when she became the first serving Babestation girl to appear on the show. The night was 4th to 5th August 2009, and prior to that, PL had only ever used its own, separate group of models. PL was typically very well produced, and there was obviously no delay in getting Lori’s slideshow up and running.

Partyland did allow toplessness, but in other respects it was much more heavily restricted than Party Girls, which had gone off air three nights before PL began. Partyland was, nevertheless, the first Freeview babe show to be preceded by a recorded content warning.

And you can find a complete schedule of all the current babestation girls including when and where you can see their shows.



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