One of the babe channel‘s biggest fans and commentators is @Babe_TV who’s Tumblr account was a gold mine of historical record for Babestation’s early years.  The account has since been shut down but we have dug up some of their old blog posts and have been posting them here on the babestation blog for you to enjoy.  This week’s blog focuses on Lori Buckby and her appearances on Elite TV, (Now known as S66).  This blog was orignally posted on 18th September 2013:

This, is Lori Buckby, the Leicester glamour model and presenter who’s become one of the most familiar faces on UK television. Try to think of someone – anyone – who gets more airtime on UK terrestrial screens than Lori, and chances are you’ll struggle. Lori has worked on a fair old array of babeshows and channels, including Party People, Party Girls, Partyland, Bang Babes, Bluebird and Elite TV/Studio 66, but now, in September 2013, she’s best associated with Babestation, where she truly headlines the night time schedule.

Lori BuckbyI thought, however, especially since so much of this blog has centred around the Babestation channels so far, that I’d use this post to have a look at Lori with Elite TV, where she worked between early November 2010 and mid December 2011. This was an important period for Lori. Not only was it a period of stability after fairly short terms with Bang Babes and Bluebird – it was also the period when Lori set herself onto a pedestal. It was during the year from late 2010 to late 2011 when fans of the genre really started to say to themselves: how many other girls do what Lori does? How many have that same level of energy, that same ability to connect with the viewers, that same knack of taking things somewhere you didn’t quite expect them to go? Elite’s arrival on the Freeview platform in April 2011 escalated the reach of Lori’s spectacular antics, and you could really feel her becoming the centre of attention.

Lori Buckby

Make no mistake, Lori had been a major player on the babe channels long before she arrived at Elite TV. She was rumoured to be one of Babestation’s highest paid models by the latter part of 2009, and whether or not that rumour was true, people didn’t seem greatly surprised by it. You couldn’t, however, really say back then that she was on a pedestal. She’d got a lot of fans, obvious energy, and obvious presenting talent, but she was still in the late stages of a journey from daytime presenter to uninhibited night girl, and she was surrounded by some very hot performers.

Having arrived on Babestation daytime and then on to Babestation nights from the day show Party People in spring 2009, Lori BuckbyLori Buckby had left at the exact point when Babestation Xtreme started (April 2010), and she wasn’t the only one. I don’t know if Babestation’s new channel and direction did influence her decision, but spring 2010 wouldn’t have been the best of times to be a glamour model at Babestation. Those with no interest in doing more explicit work looked set to be steam-rolled into a corner by porn-orientated Xtreme promotions which would push the ‘XXX’ girls to the fore. And for a while, that did seem to be exactly what was happening.

Lori Buckby

By late 2011, though, things were different. Elite was approaching the end of its run on Freeview, and Babestation had rediscovered its penchant for fast-talking glamour girls with a tendency to jam the phone lines solid. So, Lori Buckby returned to Babestation, and these days, it almost feels like it’s her own show. More often than not, us Brits can switch on the TV after 11pm, and find Lori, completely starkers, offering to be our ultimate virtual girlfriend. They don’t call it Great Britain for nothing!



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