Celebs and Sex Toys

What is one thing Cara Delevingne, Lily Allen and Dakota Johnson have in common?! It’s that all three have each developed their own range of sex toys. Gone are the days of A-list celebs endorsing a bottle of perfume. That is soooo 2015. Now it’s all about female empowerment, sexuality and expression. Way better than perfume of you ask me.

sex toys

During the first lockdown studies showed that one of the worst things effected was libido, with a huge percentage of people from around the world struggling to muster enough energy to engage in a bit of XXX fun with their partner. Sad times. However, what goes down must come back up and it seems we are now on the cusp of a sexual awakening. People might not be having sex with their partners as much as they were pre-lockdown but studies show that women are exploring their own sexual wellness more than ever. It would appear that the business of self pleasure has boomed during the pandemic and whereas before you might have nipped into Ann Summers for a pocket vibrator or ordered from a discreet online retailer, now there are endless possibilities – From apps to toys, herbal supplements to specialist oils – it’s all taken off massively.

Celebs have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and many have released their own line of pleasure devices including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and supermodel Cara Delevingne. Cecile Gasnault, brand director of sex toy company, Smile Makers, says that her company tripled it’s worldwide sales over the last 12 months. Cecile says:

“Sexual wellness is about pleasure, and pleasure is health. It encompasses more than the physicality of sex. It is about our mental and physical wellbeing. Celebrities have helped normalise this conversation and take away the stigma and shame people have felt before about connecting to their bodies and understanding them.”

Cecile believes that the sexual wellness industry is being mainly driven by young women who want to move away from the tacky sex toys and really connect with their bodies whether solo or partnered for an interactive and unforgettable sexual experience. We wholeheartedly agree as do our babes here at Babestation and if anyone knows about sex toys it’s our babes. Here are some of the toys our girls likes to use on webcam and Pervcam:

sex toys
Buffy LeBrat

Lush 2 / Lush 3 by Lovense 

This sex toy can be controlled remotely which is why it’s the most popular toy on Babestation. It puts more pressure on the G-Spot which results in even more intense, deeper orgasm. Some of the babes have even admitted to squirting while using this toy.


Life-like dildo

You can’t beat a good old girthy cock for a bit of porn action! Our babeshow babes love the life-like dildo because it gives callers the chance to imagine what it would be like to get a blowjob from their favourite babe channel girl. Perfect for roleplay, tit wanks, BJ action and hardcore fucking!



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