The queen of Babestation has just been announced and after much deliberation and discussion, the winner has been crowned (drumroll please) – Brooksie Brooks!

Queen of Babestation

The ‘Queen of Babestation’ award is given by the fans and is organised entirely by the babeshow forum users who created the poll as a way of finding out who the current fan-favourite is. Well, the crowd had spoken and Brooksie Brooks reigns supreme. One user commented:

“It looked at one stage as though Bella Mendez would take the crown before she was pipped at the post, in the end she had to settle for a valiant 2nd place, swapping podium places with last year’s second placed Beth Bennett.”

Other excited users shared their views on the competition:

“Congratulations Brooksie. Thought it was going to be Beth Bennett myself, but no complaints Brooksie won.”

“A fantastic double for Brooksie, proving she is just as popular on TV as she is on the web. With Bella Mendez in second, Nicole in 4th and Stella Paris in the top 10 as well, the results went as well as I could have hoped.”

Here are the other babeshow beauties who scooped 4th-10th place, in correct order:

4th – Nicole Snow

Nicole Snow

5th – Alice Goodwin

6th – Sophie Hart/Stella Paris

8th – Jamie Knight

9th – Amber Paige

10th – joint place – April Mae/Ashlyn Shaw/Preeti Young

Brooksie was equally as impressed as she was humble by the news of her award and she took to Twitter to thank her fans and supporters. She wrote:

“Last year I got my first adult industry award as voted for by the viewers I won day babe of the year 2021 

This year I surpassed all my expectations and bagged 3 awards!! 




Thank you!!!”

Queen of Babestation

Brooksie doesn’t just engage her fans with phonesex, she also likes to interact with them on social media. Here is a reply she wrote to a fan who congratulated her on her win:

“Omg stop!!!! Yaaaayyyy thank you guys soooo much!!! I love putting on a show for all you naughty viewers and it feels so good to know that you guys live watching just as much!! Thank you so so much!!!!”

The fact that Brooksie is so keen to interact with her fans on a personal level clearly shows her down to earth nature and it might be one of the reasons she was nominated for such a prestigious fan award. Well, that along with being insanely beautiful and curvy with big tits and a penchant for roleplay, BDSM and JOI. Check out the previous ‘Queen of Babestation’ winners.

Babestation Night show

queen of babestation
Sophie Heart

2014 – Sophie Hart

2016 – Ashley Emma

2017 – Alice Goodwin

2018 – Scarlett Jones

2019 – Atlanta Moreno

2020 – Caty Cole

2021 – Atlanta Moreno

Did you know that Brooksie Brooks also works with a disability? Brooksie shared her experiences working in the sex industry while suffering from multiple sclerosis with the Daily Star. She started out as a stripper and lap dancer and began posting naughty gallery pictures and videos on social media and Onlyfans.  She appeared on Studio 66 and S66Cams before moving to Babestation where she now appears across all platforms – BSX, Babenation, Babestation Cams and Babestation Tube.

The curvy bombshell currently lives in Leeds with her dog Douglas but she splits her time between location filming across the nation and the Babestation studios. When Brooksie was a teen 18+ she started noticing signs of the degenerative brain condition while she was working in a hospital but it wasn’t until she was 21 when she was officially diagnosed. She told the Daily Star:

“On the outside you look like a normal young person, who looks after themselves. I’ve always taken pride in my appearance and because of that, people think you’re okay because you look alright. With the shift patterns, by the time I got halfway through the day I was getting exhausted. If the fatigue starts to hit you can’t just go for a nap for an hour.”

Queen of Babestation

Babestation babe Brooksie noticed a surge in energy when she started working for Babestation and appearing on cam:

“Now I can do day or night shifts and I’ve got a really good rapport with the company. There are a few of my family and friends who say, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ But this way I can create a life for myself. I have a degenerative condition where it’s either going to stay how it is or get worse. My parents are old school and they were not necessarily happy about it at first but I said, ‘Give me an alternative’. Now I think they are just happy I have found a way to be able to live and support myself. I’ve got more time at home to make healthier stuff to eat. And because I’m so less stressed about it I’m not getting ill.”

Good on you, Brooksie! Congratulations on the Queen of Babestation award!

See Brooksie in her candy bikini pics here!



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