Brooksie Brooks is a fan favourite on Babestation, she recently opened up to the Daily Star about what it’s like to work in the sex industry with multiple sclerosis.

Brooksie has previously been working in a hospital but after receiving her diagnosis she found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the long hours and being on her feet constantly. Brooksie had no choice to switch careers to something a bit slower paced. That’s when Brooksie decided to dip her toe into sex work.

She started working as a stripper and lap dancer and began posting sexy pictures on social media, which is what got her noticed by Studio 66 and Babestation. After vetting both babeshows, Brooksie decided to go with Babestation, where she is now one of the top stars on the XXX babe channel. The curvy bombshell with big tits and a big ass, resides in Leeds with her dog Douglas. She divides her time between the Babestation studios and location filming around the country.

Brooksie Brooks

Brooksie Brooks first started noticing the signs of the degenerative brain condition when she was a teen 18+ and working at a hospital. However, she wasn’t officially diagnosed until she was 21. She explained:

“I was having to learn to live with it in that respect then explain to people at work. Working in a hospital, it’s difficult because it’s an invisible disability. On the outside you look like a normal young person, who looks after themselves. I’ve always taken pride in my appearance and because of that, people think you’re okay because you look alright. With the shift patterns, by the time I got halfway through the day I was getting exhausted. If the fatigue starts to hit you cant just go for a nap for an hour.”

In 2013, Brooksie started stripping at clubs around Wakefield, Leeds and Huddersfield. She said:

“Even the dancing started getting strenuous and my body clock was messed up”

She started feeling better when she started working for Babestation and appearing on pervcam:

“Now I can do day or night shifts and I’ve got a really good rapport with the company. There are a few of my family and friends who say, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ But this way I can create a life for myself. I have a degenerative condition where it’s either going to stay how it is or get worse. My parents are old school and they were not necessarily happy about it at first but I said, ‘Give me an alternative’. Now I think they are just happy I have found a way to be able to live and support myself. I’ve got more time at home to make healthier stuff to eat. And because I’m so less stressed about it I’m not getting ill.”

When she isn’t stripping topless and nude on the babeshows, Brooksie Brooks likes to go on hikes with her dog or go to the gym. Brooksie wants people to know that having MS doesn’t mean you can’t live a full, happy life. Brooksie hopes that by sharing her story, she can challenge any “pre-conceptions there are surrounding the industry.”

Brooksie Brooks

Brooksie also wants new girls to know that they shouldn’t believe everything they read when it comes to the sex industry. Referring to stories trending about girls making thousands in a day, here’s what Brooksie had to say:

“There are a lot of younger girls and they think they can go on shift and make £10,000. That’s not how it is. You have got to put in the time, effort and commitment, like any business whether that’s a fitness trainer or in aesthetics. You have got to market yourself. It’s so over-saturated you need to have your shit together”

Brooksie Brooks didn’t want to discuss her earnings but take it from us, she does extremely well.



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