Babe channel fans and history buffs, this one is for you.  We take a week’s worth of caps from M-L-L’s babeshows forum thread, ‘Babestation on this day…‘ and collect them together here for you to enjoy…

12th December in History and Babeshows

1901 Guglielmo Marconi sends the first transatlantic radio signal from Poldhu, Cornwall to Newfoundland, Canada.

From 2014, Preeti


and in 2015, Amelia Brookes & Lexi Lowe BSX


2010 Studio 66 (S66) Schedule
morning: Becky Roberts, Cara Brett
daytime: Rachel Louise, Sophia Lares
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Dionne Daniels

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13th December in History and Babeshows

1577 English pirate Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England on a circumnavigation of the world.

From 2014, Jada, BSUnleashed


and in 2016, Cali Garcia,


2010 Studio66 (S66) Schedule
morning: Sophia Lares, Tia (Trial)
daytime: Becky Roberts, Kitty Lea
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal, Lori Buckby

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14th December in History and Babeshows

1542 Princess Mary Stuart succeeds her father James V and becomes Mary Queen of Scots, aged only 6 days old.

From 2013, Ava Dalush / Kiki Minaj BSX


2010 Studio66 (S66) Schedule
morning: Becky Roberts
daytime: Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Delta White, Dionne Daniels, Sophia Knight

15th December in History and Babeshows

1995 Playboy goes back on sale in Ireland after a 36 year ban.

From 2014, Tiffany Chambers



Paige Turnah



Paige & Cali

Leigh Darby

Paige & Leigh

and from 2018, Lori


2010 Studio66 (S66) Schedule
morning: Rachel Louise
daytime: Cara Brett, Leah Francis
nighttime: Mica Martinez, Sophia Knight

16th December in History and Babeshows

1653 Parliamentarian General Oliver Cromwell is named Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.

From 2014, Paige




2010 Studio66 (S66) Schedule
morning: Leah Francis
daytime: Alice Goodwin, Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Lori Buckby, Delta White

17th December in History and Babeshows

1538 Pope Paul 11 excommunicates King Henry VIII of England.

From 2014, Beth




and in 2015, Jenna Hoskins

Lexi Lowe


Lexi BSX

and in 2017, Lori

2010 Studio66 (S66) Schedule
daytime: Cara Brett, Danica, Kitty Lea
nighttime: Ashley Emma Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels, Lori Buckby

18th December in History and Babeshows

1917 US Congress approves the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution authorizing the Prohibition of alcohol, and it is sent to the states’ legislatures for ratification.

In 2013, Georgie Darby

In 2014, Jada



In 2015, Jenna Hoskins


2010 Studio66 (S66) Schedule
Morning: Cara Brett, Sophia Lares
Daytime: Alice Goodwin, Vikki Thomas
Nighttime: Caty Cole, Charlie O’ Neal, Delta White, Dionne Daniels


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