Are you curious about the connection between North Devon and Babeshows? You might have heard of the area being known as the “Naughtiest Babeshow Hub.” In this blog, we will delve deeper into why that is. We will explore the history of Red Light Central and Playboy TV and how they contributed to making North Devon a hotspot for adult entertainment.

Additionally, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular Red Light Central Babes, including Sarah Daniels, Delia Rose, Charley Green, and Lynda Leigh. So if you’re intrigued by the world of adult entertainment and want to learn more about its roots in North Devon, keep reading!

Holly McGuire on North Devon's favourite babeshow
Holly McGuire

Unraveling the Connection: North Devon and Babeshows

North Devon has a rich history in the babe channel industry and is considered an ideal location for these types of shows. The presence of babeshows has had a significant impact on the local economy and community.

However, controversies surrounding their presence cannot be ignored. Locals, visitors, and industry insiders have varied opinions and perspectives on this matter.

You’re a ‘naughty bunch!’ Playboy TV boss reveals most calls to the sex chat channel are made from North Devon

North Devon has gained a reputation as the naughtiest babeshow hub due to its thriving adult entertainment industry. With a wide range of venues and shows, visitors can indulge in a night of excitement and seduction.

But what exactly makes North Devon so special when it comes to babeshows? Let’s explore the reasons behind its notorious reputation.

North Devon's favourite Ava Blue
Ava Blue

Red Light Central and Playboy TV

Playboy TV launched on freeview 194 in 2012 the channel did a lot of publicity for the channel to try to address the issue of the new EPG, viewers were required to re-tune their Freeview boxes in order to access the channels.

This posed a significant drawback for the Babestation channels and could potentially explain why the channel had a lifespan of only one year. Babestation UK, the first interactive babe show of its kind, premiered on December 4th, 2002 on the Game Network Channel on Sky TV.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Philip Barry, the owner of Red Light Central and producer of Playboy TV, referred to elderly residents in North Devon as the ‘naughtiest in the country’. This is based on a survey that found they were the group most likely to make calls to an adult TV station.

According to this Daily Mail story, the survey revealed that more senior citizens in this coastal region called Playboy TV Chat for explicit conversations than any other area in the country. Philip Barry, who is also the managing director of Playboy TV Chat, mentioned that although many of the provocative calls came from younger men returning from nights out, experienced viewers were also getting involved by making phone calls, especially in what North Devon.

He mentioned that they collect data from all the calls received at the station, with a majority originating from North Devon. Mr. Barry jokingly remarked that the residents of North Devon were quite naughty.

However, it raises questions about the accuracy of analyzing the origin of phone sex callers, especially considering that many of them would be using mobile phones.

North Devon’s Favourite Red Light Central Babes

Discover the seductive allure of Red Light Central babes. These captivating UK babes are ready to ignite your desires with their ultimate interactive experiences. From the stunning Tiffany Chambers to the alluring Taylor McKenzie, these babes know how to keep you entertained. Tune in to Red Light Central for a tantalizing taste of the UK babe channels.

Sarah Daniels doing nurse role play
Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniel

Sarah Daniel is one of the well-known babes in the UK babe show industry. With her stunning looks and captivating personality, she has become a favorite among viewers. Her appearances on channels like Babestation and Red Light TV have made her a popular figure in the world of adult entertainment.

Sarah Daniels brings excitement and sensuality to every show she hosts, providing viewers with the ultimate interactive experience.

Delia Rose

Delia Rose is a popular babe in the world of babeshows. With her captivating presence and stunning beauty, she has attracted a wide audience. Known for her appearances on Babestation and Red Light TV, Delia Rose offers the ultimate interactive experience for viewers. Her charm and talent make her a favorite among fans of UK babe channels.

Charley Green

Charley Green is a popular babe in the UK, known for her appearances on Babestation and Playboy TV. With her stunning looks and seductive charm, she captivates viewers with her live performances.

Charley offers the ultimate interactive experience, using vibratoy technology to enhance the pleasure. Don’t miss out on this sexy babe’s shows on Sky TV and Red Light TV.

Lynda Leigh on North Devon favoruite babeshow, Red Light Central
Lynda Leigh

Lyndia Leigh

Lyndia Leigh, a prominent figure in the world of babeshows, has made a name for herself as one of the top UK babes, alongside Lori Buckby. With her stunning looks and captivating presence, she has become a favorite among viewers. Whether it’s on Babestation or Playboy TV, Lynda knows how to keep the audience entertained with her charm and charisma. Don’t miss out on experiencing the ultimate interactive experience with this babe.


In conclusion, North Devon has gained a notorious reputation as the naughtiest babeshow hub. With the presence of channels like Red Light Central and Playboy TV, the region has become synonymous with adult entertainment.

Red Light Central, in particular, has featured popular and seductive babes such as Sarah Daniels, Delia Rose, Charley Green, and Lyndia Leigh. These stunning models have captivated viewers with their allure and charm. While North Devon may be known for its wild side, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own preferences and interests.

The Babeshows contributes to offering amusement to those who appreciate it.


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