I’m sure you all know who Martin Lewis is but if you’re unaware, he’s the guy who is always popping up on This Morning offering smart money saving tips. He studied to be a financial journalist and broadcaster and he also happens to be the founder of the website, MoneySavingExpert.com. In case you’re wondering, No – Babestation is not here to offer you any sort of money advice but we are here to flex. Turns out Martin dropped Babestation’s name on Twitter recently and we are buzzing over it. Who knew the Money Saving Expert was a fan?!

Martin Lewis

Martin shared a throwback clip on social media that showed him and his wife Lara in their younger days. The Money Saving Expert shared the clip from his and his wife’s TV project which was filmed back in 2007. The video shows Martin and his wife Lara Lewington, sharing a milkshake while the pair compare cheap mobile phone deals. Yup, it is as cheesy as it sounds but it’s kinda sweet. What a cute keepsake to look back on. Now for the part where Martin mentions Babestation:

Martin tweeted: I can’t believe we did this film. Here’s me and my then fiancé (now wife) @LaraLewington talking mobile haggling back in 2007.” Martin Lewis laughed in reply:

“Watched the first 5 seconds with the sound off and thought I was watching Babestation..”

Brilliant! I can totally see where his confusion might come from. The soft focus lighting, the slightly erotic camera panning. It could very well be passed off as an old Babestation clip. If you’re reading this, Martin, we’re incredibly grateful for the shoutout and if you ever fancy having a natter with one of our babes, there’s a few free credits in it for you.

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