Trending British porn star and Babestation performer Zoe Grey has been in the tabloid spotlight a lot this year thanks to her rather unconventional lifestyle. Zoe and her partner recently went public with their non-monogamous relationship and fans are fascinated by their lifestyle choice. So much so that Zoe Grey even had a mention in a New York Post article. The piece covered a swinging party event that occurred over the Kings Jubilee weekend, with reports suggesting Zoe Grey and her partner were present.

Zoe Grey in big cleavage dress

Zoe Grey used to work as a beautician before she decided to switch careers and enter the adult film industry. The curvy, inked British porn star made her debut on the renowned live babeshow, Babestation in 2020, where she quickly gained a devoted fan following. Fans eagerly engage with Zoe in private webcam sex sessions or indulge in discreet sexting, even during their work meetings. But here’s a little secret: Zoe Grey’s naughtiness didn’t start when she entered the XXX industry. It began much earlier. Zoe is an out and proud swinger who frequently attends sex parties with her partner, enjoying intimate encounters with both men and women. She’s also a hot wife, meaning she can explore her desires with other men even when her boyfriend isn’t present. Zoe candidly discussed her unconventional lifestyle during her appearance on the Option One Podcast. She revealed:

“So a lot of the time we like to go to sex clubs. We do a lot of couple swapping. We have been doing that for about four years. It started with him, he likes the idea of watching me and it started along that route. I would say a fairly cuckold kind of a relationship. He would watch me and I would see people while he was at work and send him pictures and videos. Then I brought up the subject of trying clubs and watching him and it has just gone from there.”

Zoe Grey with stars on her tits and black strappy BDSM outfit

Zoe Grey is a popular cam performer on Babenation and a content creator on Onlyfans. She frequently participates in live British sex cams shows for BSX, where she skillfully showcases her BJ skills and pussy licking expertise. Another hot adult star who enjoys playing with couples and singles is British mature porn star, Michelle Thorne. She often stars in explicit videos with swinger couple Marc Rose and Summer Rose who are well-known on the circuit as being an open couple who love fucking hot MILF stats and teen 18+ babes. Marc and Summer have featured in hardcore videos with some of the hottest babes in the business? Including extreme porn star Alexxa Vice, Atlanta Moreno and Angel Long.

Alex Le Tissier, daughter in-law of ex-footballer, Matt Le Tissier, recently came out as a swinger. Alexandra, known as Alex Le Tissier on both Babestation and Onlyfans, shared a monogamous relationship with Mitch for over a decade. However, in recent years, Alex felt that monogamy had become mundane. Alex stressed her enduring love for Mitch and clarified that her intention was solely to explore new connections, with no desire to leave Mitch. After careful consideration, Mitch decided to give it a try. The couple ventured into the world of dating apps, seeking a fuck buddy. Their only rule was to keep it lighthearted. Interestingly, Mitch had no interest in pursuing this opportunity for himself. While many men might eagerly seize the chance to be with someone else, Mitch’s heart remained devoted to one woman.

Alex Le Tissier naked, with her feet near camera

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