This article was originally written in 2013 it’s a snapshot from the 21 years of Babestation History with an old interview with the twins, Preeti and Priya from 2012:

Preeti and Priya sing Aati Kya Khandala

This old piece of YouTube footage is really cool, and it’ll certainly bring a smile to your face. It’s great to see the twins in action, without their tits out for a change. It really goes to show just how much fun these two can be, even when they’re not on the show.

Preeti and Priya on chat show

Preeti and Priya BabestationCams

As you may be aware, Priya has returned to the scene. She has already participated in a special event for Babestation X. We anticipate seeing more from both Priya and Preeti in the near future.

However, for now, you can catch Preeti on the late show tomorrow night, showcasing her beautiful large breasts in an energetic manner. If you have not witnessed Preeti in the nude before, she is definitely an Indian beauty that you won’t want to miss seeing live! Preeti is known for being lively and enjoys engaging with her audience. It’s evident that she is passionate about the babe channel industry, as she has remained involved for such a long time.…including Geri and Charlie C!

still from aati kya khandala

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