From week to week you may see that Babestation Cams features girl-on-girl webcam shows. You’ve probably asked yourself in the past, “what the heck does a girl-girl cam show mean?” If you’ve been in a chat session with 2 of our girls on one of these shows, then you’d know all about the naughty goings-on If you haven’t, have a read of this blog, because after finding out what does happen in a girl-girl show on Babestation Cams, you’ll soon be eager to join the next one that comes up!


When you chat with one of our Babestation Cams models, you’re in for a flirty and naughty chat, whether that’s over the chat box or the two-way cam. Throw another cam model in there, and you’ve got double the filth coming your way! Your banter and cheeky chat up lines will need to be on point as these webcam models take no prisoners. They want you to make them wet with words, because we’re pretty sure they’ll get you hard with the messages you’ll be reading. There’s 2 of them and 1 of you; up for the challenge, Shakespeare?


When our Babestation Cams models team up for a girl-girl show, they like to bring along their collection of sexy outfits. Here’s a little list of the past themes that have featured; Naughty Nurses, Sexy Secretaries, Busty Bartenders, College Girls, Tasty Teachers, Cream Explosion, Baby Oil Specials and that’s just what happened last month! Whatever your fantasy is, our Babestation Cams models will aim to accommodate! Seeing your 2 favourite babes playing out your personal fetish on webcam – priceless!


Many guys in a girl-girl webcam session request a cheeky spank or a sensual massage, and our girls will most definitely oblige! Our cam models aren’t shy, they love to get up close and personal, and trust us, it’s a sight to behold. You’ll most likely see some spanking on the derrière, breasts being caressed, sexual positions being acted out and who knows, you may even see a few cheeky kisses here and there.


Our Babestation Cams models are very generous, but some requests need a little more persuasion. Touching and kissing is normal, but if you play your cards right, you could be in for some serious x-rated viewing! If you want our girls to enter the realm of sex toys, pussy play and serious girl-on-girl action, then prepare to start tipping, because these webcam models work hard for their tips


We’ve heard some pretty unbelievable stories from these on girl-girl shows. Stories that will make your jaw drop. Here’s one example; one girl-girl show was broadcasting from a cam model’s house, it went from a cheeky strip tease and ended up into a full on orgy! Her friends were all downstairs and wanted to join the cam party! One thing led to another and it ended up looking like a live porno! Some of the naughty things that occur in a girl-girl show can go from innocent to filth real quick. Who knows what you’ll come across!

If you’re raring to get in on some of this girl-girl action then you won’t have to wait long! Here on Babestation Cams, we have special girl-girl shows happening all of the time! Keep your eyes peeled because we have midweek shows, big weekend shows and huge end of month shows. Babestation Cams is the place to be for your girl-girl fix!

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