There’s a reason why we publish this blog every Monday, to help you get rid of those Monday blues and find out some filthy facts about our hottest Babestation Cams model from the past week! Yes, Babestation Cams is back to dish the dirt on the next Cam Girl of the Week! It’s about time this blonde beauty featured, this week’s CGOTW is Mia Middleton! In this blog, you’ll be told some extremely naughty stories, find out Mia’s favourite sex toys and be enlightened on her erotic fantasy!

Mia Middleton has become a Babestation favourite at the tender age of only 22! This babe is bossing it right now and there are big things lined up for her in the future of the glamour world! Before finding her home at Babestation, Mia Middleton like many, was stuck in the mundane 9-5 office job. Mia loved to flirt with customers over the phone but she didn’t just want her voice to be out there, she wanted her assets to be on show! One of Mia’s friends was a fellow Babestation girl and saw the opportunity for her to shine! After meeting with the producers, there was only way it was going from here, and that was up. And now, 1 year on, Mia Middleton couldn’t be enjoying life any more!

Mia describes herself as a bubbly, confident and sexual girl. She told us her clients adore her petite figure and outstanding ass. Also, her green eyes definitely catch the attention of the viewing public. In her spare time, Mia Middleton loves to pole dance, swim, shop and endlessly flirt on Babestation Cams! She also has a fascination with dogs, but doesn’t own one herself! So, she takes her friends’ dogs on walks on most days.


What do you get out of your Babestation Cams shows?
I enjoy playing out different fantasies. Once I was on an hour long cam session with a guy, and he wanted me to be his air hostess. So I dressed up in my hostess outfit and pretended we were on a plane! I would walk up and down the aisle, he would put his hand up asking for my attention, then I would satisfy his requests. As the flight went on, it got dirtier and and dirtier. That night he got to join the Mile High Club with me!

Tell us about a naughty story from one of your sessions on Babestation Cams?
I had a guy over at my house once, so I thought it would be sexually creative to use him as a ‘prop’ on cam. As the cam sessions went on, I got slightly carried out and ended up having sex with him on cam. I think the watching audience in the group chat appreciated it

What’s your favourite outfit to wear?
I like to dress up in authoritative outfits, like being a teacher, secretary or army cadet. Anything bossy, I wear it! I love telling guys what to do and my outfits represent that. I do also enjoy wearing my kinky cheerleader outfit, it brings out my horny cheeky side.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I would say Tom Hardy, but all the other girls fancy him! I’d go with Zack Efron, he’s a bit of me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I did it for quite a few years but because I was the smallest in the class I ended up being ‘the flyer’ in the team. So basically I’m the one who they’d throw around in the air! I ended up breaking a lot of bones, so I made the wise decision of stopping!

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What have you still yet to do sexually?
Well you’ve heard my air hostess story, but I actually haven’t had sex on a plane before, so I’d want to join the Mile High Club for real! Also, I want to experiment having sex with different guys and girls, seeing what’s out there.

Tell us about any fetishes you have?
I’ve got a biting and scratching fetish! I discovered it when I first started having sex. For me, it makes it so much more intense and sexual. I tell guys to put their hands on my throat, scratch my back and bite me. Since joining Babestation, I’ve also found out I have a bit of a foot fetish!

What do you look for in a man?
The first thing I look for is if there’s a big bulge in his trousers! If I think it’s worth it, then I’ll take a look at the face. He’s also got to be funny and make my laugh, I hate guys who take themselves too seriously.

What is your hidden talent?
I can hula-hoop for hours! My legs are actually double jointed so I’m very flexible, I can put my legs behind my head, do the splits and lots of other wacky shit. My party trick is to jump up and down, then my bum makes a funny clapping sound haha.

What sexual positions do you enjoy most?
69 baby! Towering over a guy and controlling him is me! I also love having sex against the wall, because I’m small I can make the most of it. Can I also add, I don’t think the position ‘missionary’ should even exist, it’s so boring!

Do you have any funny sex stories?
It was when I was with my first ever boyfriend, he was over at mine and about to leave. I gave him a passionate kiss before he left, then he started feeling my tights. He must have enjoyed it because he prematurely ejaculated! I knew straight away what happened, he was very embarrassed. I guess I can take it as a compliment right?

Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
Can I hit it in the morning! Definitely early morning, it feels A LOT naughtier!

What do guys on Cam usually ask of you?
The majority of guys ask me to shake my ass then move my knickers to the side so they can get a good eyeful of me.

Is it the size of the hammer? Or the guy swinging it?
That hammer better be big and powerful! But, there is such a thing as too big! It’s got to be within reason, I don’t want to be split in half.

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What is your pre-cam ritual before you log on?
I get dressed up in my naughty outfit and take loads of selfies, then I post them to Twitter. Once my fans have started commenting, I read the filthy things they say, that really gets me on it.

Do you use sex toys on yourself?
I use my bullet a lot, it’s very important to pay attention to the clit haha. I also enjoy using my own fingers too!

What really turns you on?
Listening or watching a guy wank and get off on me. When I hear heavy breathing, or see his dick start growing, the hornyness in my starts building. I like to push him to the next level and make him explode. I get off on people getting off on me!

What is Mia’s erotic fantasy?
I’d want to be in a nice luxury villa abroad with a naughty guy waiting on me hand and foot. They would be doing as they are told, my little servant. I’d make them go down on me on request, whether it’s the morning, afternoon or after dinner. Add a little uninterrupted fucking in there and that’s the perfect fantasy for me!

Do you like it rough or gentle?
Hmm, bit of both. It all depends on the situation and mood. Sometimes I like rough sex, other times I want passionate deep sex.

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