This blog about Asian Connection’s appearance on the freeview channel 175 was originally posted by @babe_tv in 2014, on their now defunct Tumblr account.  Read this first hand account from one of Babestation’s closest followers.

There was a treat last night (12th to 13th November 2014) awaiting the Freeview audience tuning in for Babestation Blue. With Channel 175’s regular broadcast sidelined in favour of a special Asian Connections night show, the Freeview crowd were finally able to enjoy real Asian girls, from the Asian Connections day show, through the night, in a sex-themed eye-opener.

Asian Connections has been running in an obscure slot on Freeview since the spring, and when I last posted about the show in early autumn it was still very strictly a daytime transmission, with T&Cs clearly stating no adult phone chat, and visual content unambiguously ‘daytime’ in nature too. But since that post, there have been strong shades of Party People’s transition from day to night content, with T&C updates across Babe Channels 176 and 177, and the broadcast’s visual aura becoming much more suggestive.

Last night’s one-off, however, was a full night show, and a complete departure from all previous AC Freeview broadcasts – that’s pretty evident from the pictures, I’m sure.

asian connections

As well as transmitting in place of BS Blue on Freeview 175, the special Asian Connections episode also went out in AC’s usual one-hour ‘day show’ slots on Channels 176 and 177. The visuals were toned down to daytime-compatible for the Channel 177 period, which starts at 5am and is therefore in the watershed ‘grey area’. Channel 176, however, transmitted the nighttime live babeshow in full flight from 4am.

After a long period of pretty stagnant and predictable output on BS Blue, Sami’s ass-kickin’ and extremely enthusiastic midnight solo section, with good camerawork and an intimate feel (and without the excessive onscreen ads, videos and gimmicks for which the Babestation channels have become synonymous) was something I’m guessing many fans welcomed. How Asian Connections compared commercially with an episode of BS Blue or one of it’s alternative shows that were going out at the time such as Dirty Wives or Apprentice I don’t know. You have, of course, to budget for the fact that some big name British pornstars, pervcam models and glamour babes appear on BS Blue, with call costs reduced to 60p per minute, and that probably takes some beating. Whatever Asian Connections did achieve though, it represented a great return to the experimentation which has periodically cropped up on that channel.

asian connections

Whether Asian Connections will get further airings on 175 will be down to the economics. It would, though, be interesting to see not just how it affected Cellcast, but also how it affected Xpanded. BS Blue has seemed for a long time to be quite a deliberate Xpanded alternative. Cheap phone sex prices than the other babe channels like Studio 66, (a.k.a. S66), Red Light Central and Sexstation (though still higher than Xpanded), multiple babes on screen, etc. But in my view, Blue is still marred by too many of the standard Babestation turn-offs and gimmicks. The Asian Connections night show wasn’t. It was just a straight-down-the-line, old-style night show, and whilst it didn’t really look like Xpanded, pricing aside, I wonder if it might appeal to some of the Xpanded regulars who would not consider calling BS Blue for their nightly phone sex


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