In this latest adaptation of @Babe_TV’s Tumbler babe channel blogs. We focus on the impact of Babestation Apprentice during it’s limited run as one of the higher concept live babeshows that ran on Babestation Blue in early 2012.

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In January 2012, during Babestation’s period of trialing new shows like Masti Chat, Sexstation and Dirty Wives on Babestation Blue, Freeview CH97. They asked fans, ‘what if a new concept were to be added?’. This concept involved taking unknown models and pitching them against each other, to appear on the night shows and do their best to stand out, putting their futures on the babe channels up to the votes of the viewing audience who would comment on the forum or via Really the show wasn’t much different to a normal Babestation show. Other than the profiles of the girls. The concept of pitting girls against each other for a place on screen isn’t much different to how the other shows are run anyway so in this instance the major benefit for the babe channels were the cost of the performers would be slightly less.

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Lower profile models cost less than more established faces. The biggest question after BSApprentice got up and running was who would ‘graduate’ into the main roster and take shifts in the schedule from the other, more well known babes.

Babestation Apprentice went to air on the night of 2nd to 3rd February 2012. Both Carla Mai and Nikita Luan worked their way onto the other Babestation babeshows. Two success stories from that first show. Though this wasn’t exactly an organised contest like the Apprentice on the BBC, it did bring on immediate implications for established girls in that Babestation was able to find popular newcomers and cut costs by having them move up to Xtra or BS1/Babenation.

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Overall, a considerable number of the Apprentice girls progressed, at least in a trial situation, to other Babestation babe channels, and some became permanent fixtures. Lacey Lorenzo and Nicolle, some like Beth Bennett have become Babestation legends in their own right, staying on all the way until the present day. Whilst some of the girls new to Apprentice moved over to Babestation 1, Xtra or BSX, various girls who’d started with Babestation on the ‘bigger’ shows moved made lateral moves to other babe channels such as Elite TV, (now Studio 66 or S66), Red Light Central or Xpanded.

Lacey Lorenzo – Babestation Apprentice

Like Nicolle Knight, Lacey did move back to the main channels. In fact, Lacey’s success has really blossomed, and as I write she’s a major name on the Babestation schedule. (*originally this blog was written in 2013) She’s exceptionally pretty, and that helps a lot, but she also takes after Lolly Badcock in her ability to say the right things when selling the service, and she’s got masses of energy. That probably helps a lot more.

Olivia Bond – Babestation Xtra

Above, you can see an example of an Apprentice girl working on the main Babestation channels. Here on BS Xtra is Olivia Bond, who I thought had a great look, had all the right body language and visual communication when working solo on a ‘bigger’ show, and to me, looked a likely candidate to stay. Unfortunately, like almost all of the Apprentice girls who showed initial signs of progress at Babestation, Olivia is no longer on the Freeview babeshows.

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The three girls to one bed aspect of the show wasn’t popular with everyone, with some commentators complaining that it morphed what was meant to be an erotic fantasy service into something more in keeping with a sporting event, and that seemed counter-productive. “You’d switch on and just see three topless women vying to be the one who gets noticed. If it was possible to shout with body language, then that’s what Babestation Apprentice was all about. Three girls on a TV screen silently screaming: “Me! No, not her! ME!”. That, for me, threw away all semblance of eroticism.” Despite bringing in some well-received newcomers into the shows, Babestation Apprentice was replaced in early 2013 by Babestation Academy.



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