Making money webcam has the potential to be extremely lucrative.  However, like many other jobs and careers, it depends on how much time, effort and dedication you’re willing to put in.  A strong commitment can make all the difference in your earnings, boosting you up from a few hundred to, even up into the tens of thousands.  Apply now to become a Babestation webcam model.

Webcam Part-Time

Megan Rox

Some choose to webcam a few hours here and there to help them boost their income or save for something special they want.  If this suits you, try to stick to a set pattern of hours so your audience know when they can join you.  Even if you don’t like to settle on a specific time routine for too long, make sure you communicate your plans to your users via your profile page.  The more consistent you can be the easier it will be for your audience to join you and before you know it, they’ll be waiting for you to log in.

Webcam Full-Time

Full-time webcamming is where the real money is at!  All it takes is some dedication and hard work.  After doing it at a part-time rate you’ll get that first leg up and once you’ve gained some momentum and hopefully some keen regulars you too could make that transition to full-time.  If you choose Babestation to cam with, you’ll give you all the help you need to help get into webcamming.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn Webcamming

Jaye Rose

A large proportion of our girls earn 4 figure sums (that’s just on our Cam Site, remember you are free to work on others at the same time) while logging on for an average of 65 hours during the month. That’s a minimum of £1000 for approximately 16 hours spent on Cam per week, for 1 month!

You can expect to receive between 30% and 60% for the services you operate.  These services include:

  • Group Chat Cam Sessions
  • Private Chat Cam Sessions
  • Private Gallery Picture Sales
  • Tips from Users
  • Content Sales from subscribers to your Fans page

You can even increase your stream of revenue with Babestation as you webcam shows will be streamed across multiple websites at the same time, increasing your audience and therefore your earning potential.  With a dedicated support staff on hand to help out with any technical issue you might have.


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