Sex and Covid – As the months roll by doctors are still discovering new issues caused by sodding Covid. Not only have people reported severe post-pandemic lethargy, hair loss, depression, sinus problems and insomnia but now it seems we can add ‘low libido’ to the list. Oh good, kick us while we’re down, why don’t you!

Zoe Grey

However, It appears that Dr Anisha Patel, a GP from Surrey, reckons she’s found just the solution. During a segment on Lorraine where guests discussed their post-covid lower sex drive, host Lorraine listed a whole multitude of reasons that could cause a person to lose their libido – some of those reasons can include menopause and boredom in longterm relationships. However, Dr Patel said the main culprit, which she has been seeing a lot more of in her practice lately, is all related to covid. Not only have patients reported a loss of libido after a Covid infection, but the stress of living through the pandemic has also taken a huge toll on people’s sex drives.

If you’re in the covid low libido club, Dr Patel has a simple fix – ‘maintenance sex‘ – as the name suggests, maintenance sex is where couples schedule time for sex. We know it sounds unromantic, clinical and completely takes away from any form of sexual spontaneity, but the whole point to completely reboost your libido. Dr Patel said:

sex and covid
April Jones

“As we gain more knowledge about Covid, we’re forever learning. And actually, in a study of 9,000 people, 47 per cent of people said it negatively affected their libido.”

That’s an insanely high percentage. We all know that covid can affect multiple cells in the body, it causes more blood clots, affects blood vessels, but also the exhaustion you get after having Covid doesn’t really put people in the mood to have sex. Now we know what we need to do to combat this issue, let’s all get out there and start fucking. I’ve heard that masturbation also counts so why not browse through our list of BSCam babes or the  babestation videos list or even join the VIP members area for fully XXX rated British porn at it’s finest.


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