Whether you’re a seasoned babecall cam viewer or a total webcam virgin, it’s highly likely you’ll make some mistakes along the way but you’ll be pleased to know most mistakes can be completely avoidable. Here are some mistakes callers have previously made so you can avoid making them yourself:

Hannah Sofia

Dangling tips over the webcammer

There’s no denying the live babeshow babes love to be tipped for their shows, especially gold shows or specialty shows such as squirting, anal, lesbian girl girl and certain types of fetishes. However, promising a tip for the model to push her boundaries if she’s already stated she won’t do something is a big no no. By all means ask for something specific, and if she says ‘yes’, great! But if the answer is ‘no’, respect that and don’t be pushy.


We all want to have a good time on pervcam. No doubt you’ll want to have lots of naughty XXX action and the performer wants to give it to you. However, no one wants to feel like they are being rushed. Granted, there might be the odd occasion where you only have ten or fifteen minutes to spare but can you imagine how you’d feel if you’re taking your time pleasuring a woman with erotic foreplay and she says “erm, can you hurry up, please”. It would be a bit of a mood killer, right? So don’t do that to a performer. Take your time and enjoy each other. Seduction and teasing is where it’s at!

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Tanya Lucie

Messing about on your phone

One way to make a cam girl completely switch off is to dick about on your phone or tablet whilst you’re camming with her. Nobody wants to engage in sexual activity with someone who can’t give them their undivided attention. Pay attention to the performer, compliment her, make her feel beautiful – you’ll be rewarded!

Offering no feedback

Even if you’re a shy person, you can still offer feedback. Whether it’s a quiet moan, smile or nod of the head, it’s important to let the performer know you like what she’s doing. If she’s shaking her ass and bouncing her tits, tell her you’re enjoying it. If you want her to change positions or do something different, tell her. A little bit of feedback goes a long way.

Try out some of these handy tips during your next babestationcam session.


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