We all know that kinks, fetishes and foot worship is not a new thing by any stretch. Guys have been worshipping women’s feet since the beginning of time and there is a huge group of people who seek out specific cam girls and live babeshow models on the babe channels (Studio 66, Red Light Central, Xpanded, Sexstation) who are happy to cater to their feet fetish needs. The whole ‘foot fetish’ kink was relatively niche a decade ago but with the arrival of Onlyfans, the number of girls selling foot pics or videos has skyrocketed and it’s proven to be a highly lucrative hustle.

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Ella Jolie’s feet

If you’re reading this as a non foot-lover, the first thing you need to understand about feet worship is why people gravitate towards it. What makes someone attracted to feet? How does worshipping feet make the worshipper feel? Feet are often considered “below” people. Meaning some people think of feet as a lowly body part. This creates an enticing dynamic for some people wishing to indulge in a type of power play. Some people like to massage feet, others wish to suck toes, or even fuck feet, where a woman presses her soles together and the guy fucks the gap between them.

If as a babecall cam user, you’re looking to explore foot worship, here are a few tips and tricks in getting started and how to broach the subject with your favourite pervcam girl. One cam girl says she likes to begin her foot worship webcam sessions with a sexy foot shower. She then pats her feet dry and applies moisturiser slowly and seductively. This gives her a chance to really massage the soles of her feet and her toes, giving the viewer an intimate experience with her feet, hence fulfilling his fetish fantasy.

Georgie Darby

We wanted to find out what someone finds so alluring about feet so we spoke with a foot fetishist to find out what gets him off. He revealed that the sexiest parts of the feet are the heels, but also the arch and the soles of the feet. He also gets incredibly turned on by the socks the cam model wears and if her toenails are painted. Some men even enjoy it when a models feet are dirty and they sometimes request that the model stomps around in dirt prior to their cam session.

Georgie Darby’s feet

There are several subcategories within the foot fetish niche that provide a wealth of ideas. Toe fetishes can include toe wiggling, sucking, pointing, toenail polish, spreading and tapping. The viewer might also like to see the models ability to flex or point the arches of her feet and whether they are able to crush things such as grapes, bananas or sex toys.

If you’re looking for a feet fetish webcam show or just want to chat about feet via phonesex with a live babeshow girl, just be upfront about your desires. Our babes aim to please so if you’re open straight off the bat about your kinks, it’ll save the awkward embarrassment of the girl shaking her ass and groping her tits in a bid to get you off when all you really want to see is her feet. I guarantee, if you tell the model exactly what you want, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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