Looking for a laugh? Join Babestation babe Alyssa Jay on the latest episode of the Option One Podcast.  In it, Allyssa offers a unique perspective as a babestation and only fans model. She shares outrageous stories from her dating experiences. From DMs from famous footballers to unforgettable Tinder encounters, and funny dates, this lively episode is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Option One Podcast

When it comes to her romantic endeavours, Alyssa Jay of Norfolk claims she’s heard a lot of horror stories.

Some blokes, according to the Babestation concept, get the wrong idea of her due to what she does.

The 27-year-old also revealed that things went too far on one date during an interview with the ‘Option One’ podcast recently.

Alyssa, who is also a project coordinator for an off-shore engineering company, said that she actually caught the lad taking photos of her bum to send over to his pals. Classy.”I had a guy, we went on a date together, and I caught him taking a picture of my arse,” she recalled of the romantic encounter.

Option One Podcast

‘Everton footballer begged for Snapchat nudes and sent nasty messages when I refused’ – Option One Podcast

Alyssa hit the headlines when she revealed a premier ship footballer got angry when she refused his request for sexy snaps

“He was like ‘are you going to send me photos’ and I refused and he was like ‘do you actually not know I am’ and he asked who I thought I was too. He was very angry and nasty with me.

Option One Podcast

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