In this episode of the Option One Podcast , they sit down with the charming and captivating Hannah Sofia, whose personality is like a perfect chat-up line – unforgettable to everyone she meets. Sam the presenter discuss what makes Hannah so unique, her experiences in life, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Join the Option One Podcast for an insightful and entertaining conversation that’s sure to leave a lasting impact:


Hannah has been a Babestation model since 2022 when she was one the new babes of June 2022. She credits her success to her dedication to her job and her willingness to put in the hard work. She’s an advocate for living life to the fullest and making every day count.

Option One Podcast

If you like the alternative tattooed look then Hannah is for you and you can see more in these tattooed British blonde galllery pics.

Being one of the new generation Babestation inked stars, covered in tattoos.

Option One Podcast

Hannah appeared in a tinder style celebrity swipe with Babestation stars Amber Paige and Anna Lei. Brad Pitt , Jennifer Lopez , Anthony Joshua, Ellen Degenereres, Ariana Grande , 50 Cent, Idris Elba Scarlett Johansson and other celebrities are among those who will be judged by these babeshow babes. There are a few shocks in store for you

Describing her first date on the Option One Podcast, Hannah says:

Option One Podcast

“My ideal first date would be dinner and drinks, then back to your place for dessert 😉 My turn ons include tattoos, nice eyes, confidence, and dominant men. I have been known to experiment quite a bit with other girls as well!

Guys should ask me about what kinks I am into, what fantasies I am longing to explore, and to show them my favourite toys 😉 xox”

If you like what you see of Hannah Sofia on the Option One Podcast, check out Hannah Sofia Babestation Cams profile.


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