The Babestation TV Girls like to relax when they are not working. Often, a group of babes will go to the local multiplex before work. So, we asked some of them to tell us about the movies they had seen. Here Amber Paige reviews M3gan

Amber Paige

Beth “M3gan is an incredibly powerful and moving film, with a great performance from the lead actress. The story follows M3gan’s journey as she struggles to come to terms with her past and present. It’s a beautiful story that examines. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and would highly recommend this movie to people looking for an emotional rollercoaster ride.” Get sexting for more fun on your mobile.

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What an amazing movie this was it was funny and scary while being emotional and moving too. The actors and actresses in the movie were all very good you had Allison Williams playing the very talented Roboticist Gemma and you also had Violet McGraw who plays Cady in the movie who is also a very young and talented actress who I’m sure will go far.

Violet does such a amazing job throughout the movie you see all of the stuff she has to go through and all of the different emotions she has to portray and she just does it amazingly she has a very bright future. Also what makes this movie even more frightening is that it is kind of realistic because that could actually happen in the future we could get actual robot dolls for kids I mean come on they are already building robots now and god knows what would happen if the movie turns out to be reality robots are dangerous things that could be unpredictable so let’s hope that the movie just stays a movie right.

Anyways this movie was just phenomenal the actress who plays M3gan does an amazing job and the two young actresses just worked so well together in the movie I mean it was just a perfect casting. This movie is definitely going to be one of the best horror’s of this year and it has Chucky vibes so yeah they are really scary movies too. Also at the end of this movie you get hints of a sequel because of that AI thing in Gemma’s house could M3gan’s mind let’s say be inside that thing who knows.

Amber Paige

So yeah overall a amazing movie that I definitely recommend watching it’s scary and emotional while also being funny and just a all around great movie too watch be cautious though it’s not exactly kid friendly.

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Amber Paige

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