If current trends continue at the rate it’s going, it might be possible in the future to have a quick search online and find a sex tape of any Western person. All this could be a possibility in just ten years. Celebrities are already almost there – only recently I saw Yung Gravy trending on Twitter because of his leaked sex tape with a MILF. Other celebs have been caught in leaked celbrity sex tapes too, including Lindsay Lohan and even Dustin Diamond AKA Screech back in 2006.

celebrity sex

Let’s not forget how Kim Kardashian made her way into celeb stardom. Kim’s 2007 tape with singer Ray J catapulted her from a relatively unknown assistant to Paris Hilton global star. I wonder if Paris Hilton’s tape from 2003 with her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon gave Kim the idea after she saw how it turned Paris’ career from socialite into global phenomenon. It was reported at the time that Kris Jenner, Kim’s mum, allegedly negotiated the sale of her daughter’s sex tape, which raked in – around $10 million/$15 million. Yikes!

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celebrity sex

There’s even a film based solely on making a sex tape. Granted, not a very good film but still…Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, star in the movie ‘Sex Tape’ about a couple who wants to spice up their sex life. Here’s the official synopsis:

“When Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) first meet, they have an instant and intense romantic connection. However, 10 years and two children later, the flames of passion have dimmed to dull embers. To bring back the spark, the couple decide to record themselves trying out every position in “The Joy of Sex,” which seems like a great idea at the time — until they discover that their private recording has gone public via the Internet.”

People like to reminisce on ‘the good old days’ when they sit down to watch a celebrity sex film. It conjures up memories of secretly putting in their credit card details for a pay-per-view glimpse of a celeb getting dicked out. But were they really ‘the good old days’. After all, a celeb had their most intimate moments displayed without their consent for public consumption. One of the earliest viral sex tapes was the boating tape between Pam Anderson’s and her ex-husband, rocker, Tommy Lee, which went viral in 1997. Anyone who watched the ‘Pammy’ biopic on Disney Plus or read her interviews taken around the time could see that Pamela Anderson was furious after her sex tape was stolen and leaked. Rightly so.

celebrity sex

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With so many celebrity sex tapes around the early 2000’s, the market started to get saturated and selling a sex tape for high figures became unheard of. Reality “star” Farrah Abraham tried to claim that her sex tape was leaked in 2013 but people weren’t buying it. Literally! No one wanted to buy it. Not only was she appearing in the tape with porn star James Deen, but there were also supporting documents showing that Farrah had been paid for her role in the tape. Nice try, Farrah. It’s funny, the public will happily watch stolen footage but they don’t like being lied to.  Check out more on the subject of the history of celebrity sex tapes in this article from NYPost.


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