Years ago you never would’ve seen a show like ‘How to build a sex room’ on a mainstream steaming service* but now look where we are.  Melanie Rose AKA the Mary Poppins of sex is a designer that specialises in creating sex rooms for clients. I wouldn’t have imagined there would be a huge market for such a thing so colour me surprised. The Netflix series is essentially Changing Rooms for people who live and breathe sex.  Several couples and one ‘throuple’ are included in the show and we see them ask Melanie Rose to turn a room in their home (usually a spare room) into a sex room.

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I dunno about you but I never thought I’d ever see a design show that involved so many butt plugs, whips, nipple clamps, BDSM equipment and dildos. It looks like we’ve entered a whole new era of television. Commissioners are clearly listening to their audience and have been scrambling to come up with creative new methods to display sex on our screens. Let’s not forget ‘Open House’ where couples were seen trying out a threesome for the first time. There are also shows such as ‘Let’s Make a Love Scene’ and Alice Levine’s, Channel 4 documentary ‘Sex Actually’.

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While we wouldn’t call ‘How to build a sex room’ explicit as such, you do need to approach with caution if you are easily offended. It does however, approach sex from an educational standpoint and doesn’t just thrust a bunch of sex toys down your throat, so to speak. One of the couples on the show are Taylor and her partner Ayjay, who “enjoy having sex” and want to create a “rock’n’roll dungeon” in their roomy basement (not a euphemism). Ayjay is seen leading Melanie down to the basement and boastfully claims that “nobody knows it’s there.” Whilst watching, I was just thinking how that space would make a perfect gym or home cinema. Clearly I’m a lot more vanilla than I thought.

With the aid of her “general contractor” Mike, Melanie puts in new flooring, raises the ceiling height, adds furniture and artwork, and hangs a flogging cross on the wall. It becomes clear that Melanie’s code word for a box of sex toys is “exercise equipment.” Yikes, I actually do have a lot of exercise equipment. I wonder if my neighbours think I’m harbouring monster dildos and speculums??!


Melanie encounters a bunch of other couples, throuples and more throughout the ‘How To Build A Sex Room‘ show, all in different kinds of relationships. She also meets a newly single 50-year-old woman who just wants to “date and bang as many guys as I want.” Good for her. She also meets a same-sex couple who live in a camper van and plenty of married couples who want to get more kinky  “de-vanilla” their sex life. I think it’s a stretch to call this an interior design show. Netflix has filed it under “home and garden reality TV” which is a bit rich but whatever you can get away with I suppose. It’ll certainly raise a few eyebrows.


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