The Babestation brand was still moderately new to our screens around this time. Prior to this, Babestation had broadcast Dionne Mendez and the rest of the Babestation babes on Freeview from September 2008 to March 2009 under the pseudonym of Party Girls, with modest, throw-together sets and extremely low definition picture. Yet, it didn’t show up on Freeview under its own name, with its Sky TV sets and quality, until mid May 2009. First screening on Channel 33, Babestation 1 momentarily went out in 4:3 format, this went widescreen from the evening of ninth to tenth of June.

Dionne Mendez

Until late August ’09, BS1 was the main Babestation Sky babe channel to be copied to Freeview, and its just competition came from Partyland (at the time Cellcast-claimed, yet seperate from Babestation), and Party People, which was essentially a Cellcast daytime show with a mid, 3am beginning.Dionne Mendez

Dionne Mendez was one of Babestation’s biggest name models at the time of this shower room picture – nineteenth August 2009. That late spring, Babestation 1’s original areas were still uniformly separated down to thirty minutes for each model, and the channel would switch seven or so models, consistently, through the course of the evening. With the channel in its early days, drawing in and keeping it’s audience would definitely have been a significant need, and with no elective Babestation channels broadcasting on Freeview, a quick schedule was the best way to keep up with the vital assortment.


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