For all those thinking of getting into webcamming the inevitable question of safety while performing online will most likely have come up.  On the Babestation recruitment page we cover this topic and right now, here’s some info to help answer that camming and keeping safe question.

In generally the question falls under two categories:

1 – Guarding against any run-ins with strange people who make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

2 – The dreaded thought, ‘What if someone I know finds out’

Stella Paris


It might sound obviously but keeping your private details private is extremely important.  Everything from personal data to personal life.  There are people out there who might feel like friends or someone you can trust but who are only interested in mining as much personal info out of you as they can.  Remember a conversation can be easily forgotten but once it’s written, like on the chat box of a camming session it can be accessed again.


Haters gonna hate.  And in the world of social media they have a platform to speak out about the world of pervcam and webcam which some consider to not be a real job and should even be banned!  If you use social media, (which you should if you want to be the next big webcam star) then be sure to keep your camming persona seperate from your real life by creating seperate accounts.  The only exception should be if you became famous before starting a career in live sex cams and are using your real life fame to leverage your success in cams.

Zoe Grey


What this means is strong virus protection to protect against outside threats.  It also means no divulging passwords or other sensitive details about yourself.  Try to independently varify information, never click on links that have been sent to you in emails unless you know for sure it’s from a reliable source.  If someone requests personal data from you by phone, never hand it over without verifying the number they are calling you from and calling them back on a verified number.


Sometimes your camming audience don’t just stay in the confines of your computer screen.  Sometimes they cross over into the real world.  They want to send presents or meet with you.  Most webcam sites have a means of accepting gifts for you and then forwarding them on so you don’t have to pass on your address.  Babestation Cams does this service.  You can also set up a wish list which is a good way of receiving gifts without revealing personal info.  Paypal can also be used for safe money transfers if you’ve bagged yourself a pay-pig who likes showering you with money.

Think SAFE, Think PRIVACY all the time.


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