What is Babestation24?

Live babeshow Babestation24 is a live adult entertainment channel that features female presenters who engage in adult phone chat and webcam interaction with viewers. It is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK and offers a variety of subscription options for its users who are interested in adult TV entertainment.


Babestation Germany is a popular adult television babe channel that first launched in 2013. It is part of the Babestation network, which originated in the United Kingdom and has since expanded to other countries.

The channel features live shows with female presenters who interact with viewers through phone calls and text messages. Despite controversy surrounding adult content on television, Babestation24 Germany has continued to grow in popularity and remains a significant player in the European adult entertainment industry. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of this channel read our Babestation 24 Germany blog

Back in the day Sexstation developed a format called Flash the gash this involved at midnight taking of the premium rate phone sex chat numbers and showing the model full screen totally naked.

Flash The Gash

Phrase commonly used in “jest”. Taken from popular game show phrase “Flash The Cash”. Means, basically to get your vagina out for display purposes and amusement. Not to be taken seriously, however some females may actually flash it on demand when given the command. So beware if you are not fully expecting to experience the sight of a females gaping axe wound/vertical bacon baguette.

Oh come on love, just FLASH THE GASH!!!”

There’s no-one lookin’, just FLASH THE GASH!!!”

Well it seems that the producers over at the German Babeshow Babestation24 have developed something similar called the Peep Show.

The more things change the more they remain the same.

Babestation24 Peep Time


The Peep Time times on Babestation24 are largely determined by the director.

The peep time always starts at midnight, i.e. at 12:00 a.m. When the babes are also allowed to drop their panties. But even if the babes announce the peep time after midnight: before the director gives the final blessing, no panties should fall. This can sometimes be an hour or more after the start of peep time.

The director also specifies when the panties have to be put on again. If you watch the shows regularly, you can see clear patterns here. For example, you can regularly see one babe getting naked sometime after midnight, and then the other shortly after. What a coincidence that nothing happens for an hour after peeptime starts, and at that very moment two callers suddenly want to see their babes naked! In this case there was a simple directing instruction, “So, now you can get started”.

Another scenario: A babe is naked, after 30 minutes she gets dressed again, and at that very moment the other babe undresses. Such coincidences only exist on Babestation 24.

Sometimes the panties don’t fall off until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. This means that only 4 or 5 hours after the peep time start does a caller want to see their sweetheart naked, which is statistically impossible unless the phone calls were fake and there were no real callers.

What is Babestation24 ?

Babestation24 is the Babe Channel that comes live from Hanover, Germany, replicating the classic British Babeshows format for a German audience. Like the British original, Babestation24 entices viewers to call in cheap sex lines with performers who strip and seduce, while encouraging callers to call in to have a good time.

Upon its initial launch, Babestation24 utilized the identical branding and logo as its English counterpart, including the iconic pink shield and black female silhouette. The addition of “24” was made to signify their continuous broadcasting schedule.

Over time, Babestation24 has expanded its offerings to include SMS and Web Live Chats, in addition to a Cam Chat Portal accessible to German fans via bs-cams.com for their regular dose of babe channel entertainment. The channel underwent a rebranding in January 2015 with the aim of catering to their core German male audience. The original look was replaced with a new and more appealing one, featuring a red, white, and black color scheme, and a modified female silhouette that showcases a new pose.


Babestation24 offers merchandise products and has set up an artist management branch which has been looking after star names including Julia Herz, as well as newcomers into the erotic industry since June 2012. That same year, Babestation24 won their second Venus Award for Best Adult TV Channel.

Hottest Adult Performers

Similar to the British Babestation, Babestation24 has a large selection of popular models who have a legion of fans throughout Germany. Models such as Heisse Lola, Sweet Amira, Lillian Will, and many more have entertained German babeshow fans non-stop since 2011!


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