In this blog, Babestation Jess West and her real-life partner Demetri share their insights on the adult entertainment industry, OnlyFans content creation, and their personal experiences in the public eye. They discuss the challenges of maintaining personal relationships while navigating a career on british sex cams.


Jess West and Demetri were recently interviewed on the Option One podcast where they discussed the rise of OnlyFans and how it has revolutionised the adult entertainment industry. OnlyFans has gained popularity over the past few years, with creators like Jess and Dimitri using it to connect with their fans and monetise their porn content. In recent times, TikTok has also played a significant role in promoting adult entertainers and their OnlyFans accounts. Creators like Jess and Demetri use TikTok to engage with their audience, showcase their talents and drive traffic to their OnlyFans page and Babestation nude cams profiles. 

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Option One Podcast

The Option One Podcast had the pleasure of diving deep into the worlds of Jess West and Demetri, two renowned figures in the adult entertainment industry. Over the years, Jess West and Dimitri have made a name for themselves in the British porn industry. Their vibrant personalities and unique approach to digital entrepreneurship have garnered them a loyal following. Watch Jess and Dimitri’s podcast interview here.

Breaking into OnlyFans

One of the key topics discussed in the podcast episode is their success on OnlyFans, a platform known for its adult content creators. Jess West and Demetri talk about their strategies and successes in creating content that resonates with their audience. They discuss how they started on OnlyFans and the challenges they faced in the early days. The dynamic duo also shared their tactics for engaging their followers and creating XXX content.

Navigating Relationships in the Public Eye

Having a public persona can put a strain on personal relationships, and Jess and Dimitri are no strangers to this challenge. In the podcast episode, they discuss their experiences navigating relationships in the public eye. They provide a candid look into their personal lives and share how they have managed to maintain a strong bond amidst the scrutiny of their careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One frequently asked question is how babestation babe Jess West and her boyfriend Demetri keep their relationship strong amidst the challenges of their X-Rated careers. They attribute their relationship strength to mutual support, open communication, trust and dedication to each other. Their commitment to their relationship shines through in their personal stories and experiences shared in the podcast episode.

Stepping Into the Ring: Dimitri’s Journey to Misfits Boxing

Aside from their success on Babestation porn cams, Demetri has ventured into the world of boxing. In the podcast episode, he shares his journey to Misfits Boxing and how it has been a part of his personal branding. Listeners will learn about Dimitri’s athletic endeavors and the challenges and triumphs he has experienced in this new chapter of his career. Demetri’s journey into Misfits Boxing involves rigorous training and preparation. He shares insights into his training regimen, the preparation required for his matches, and the anticipation he feels leading up to each bout.


Jess and Dimitri are known for their appearances in videos for companies like Brazzers, Fake Taxi and Babestation X. Having featured on Sexstation back in 2010, Jess West is a veteran babeshow model and a fan favourite on babestation online. The porn couple have shot scenes with a variety of hot performances, injecting their own comedic spin into their scenes. Some of their most popular videos have featured hot boy-girl-girl threesome action and lesbian girl on girl action starring babes like atlanta moreno, daisy may, Ava Austin and tommie-jo.

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Wellies and Beyond

Another unconventional interest that Jess West and Demetri touch upon in the podcast is wellies and webcam sex. They discuss the appeal of wellies, the different ways they can be incorporated into adult content and the community that exists around this niche interest. Jess has set up the website ‘wellies wonderland’. By sharing their experiences and shedding light on unconventional interests like wellies, they continue to challenge societal norms and encourage acceptance of diverse passions.

What’s Next for the Duo in Misfits Boxing and OnlyFans?

Jess and Demetri are constantly exploring new opportunities and pushing their limits in both Misfits Boxing and OnlyFans. As creators, they are always looking for ways to evolve and engage with their audience. Register today on babecall to enjoy an intimate encounter with Jess West and other hot babestation girls. Check the babestation schedule for upcoming shows and appearances including solo pussy play sessions from former studio66 babes and iconic masti chat models. 


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