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Babestation Xtreme Blog: June 4th-11th 2012


Continuing on from previous Babestation Xtreme blogs, this week’s edition brings you a selection of blogs from Mr BSX taken from posts that came out in June 2012.  Featuring top British Pornstars and giving you a first hand, BTS account of what these porn photo and video shoots were like.

June 4th 2012 – Porcha Sins Pays Us  A Visit – Babestation Xtreme Shoot

Porcha is one of those ladies who simply can’t go a day without craving the attentions of the opposite sex.  The guys in our office are very well aware of her intentions when she comes to visit and they virtually rip each other to pieces trying to get to her first; why they do this is beyond me since Porcha has a simply unquenchable appetite that could take on double anything we could throw at her and often does!


babestation xtreme

So what did we do?  On her last visit we quite literally threw every man we had in the office at her, and very nearly me included; although if we’d have done that we wouldn’t have any pictures for you.  Pictured here with this sinful creature is the every ready Marc Rose, fresh from the broom cupboard giving his very ample John Thomas a well deserved outing.

babestation xtreme

I looked at all the pictures long and hard (no pun intended) before deciding which ones to use on this blog, and decided on these because they both capture the lovely Porcha’s expression of pure wantonness as she looks into the camera.  I tell you this without a word of a lie, when she looks through the lens at me like that it’s as though she’s looking into my very soul.  I swear this creature is not of this earth folks!

Until next week!

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11th June 2012 – Porn: It’s A Lifestyle and a State of Mind – Babestation Xtreme Shoot

Marc Rose is back everyone (well he never really left, it just sounds a little more dramatic making an entrance like that), and he’s got another gorgeous babe polishing the end of his nob.  We don’t really need an excuse to have these girls coming by to fuck our studs, but we thought it would be nice to have Marc become a personal trainer (it keeps him busy and out of trouble).  But of course he’s no ordinary personal trainer, he’s a porno personal trainer!

babestation xtreme

This cute little student of porn is the lovely Caprice Jane and she feels it necessary to brush up on her porn skills in order to land some better jobs.  Marc is only happy to help of course!

Marc is a very clever guy you know; he’s not all cock and balls!  He can show these girls about the physical side of being a porn star and put them through their paces, but there is also a mental attitude to conquer.  He works with Freud’s original Psychosexual Stage.  In the final stages of awakening sexual awareness and onwards, we all experience direct sexual feelings towards others and this leads to sexual gratification in one way or another.  However the conflict to this innate desire is a set of social rules that we can’t break.  We can’t very well approach hot women in the street and simply get our dicks out or have it away with them can we?  (more’s the pity)  Marc concentrates on taking away these social rules, allowing the porn stars and wannabees he gets through his doors to do whatever they want; it’s like freeing the mind and putting them in porno mode!

As you can see from these pictures, Marc certainly has a high success record with the ladies.

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