Get a first hand, behind the lense perspective of these two Babestation Xtreme shoots with words Mr BSX, the man on the camera.  Featuring the biggest names in British porn at that time.  The pic and video content can be found in the Babestation VIP members area.

25th June 2012 – Babestation Casting Session With Chantelle Fox – Babestation Xtreme

Chantelle could previously be seen around that time on Studio 66 and Sexstation

Just take a long hard look at these pictures.  Now, if I told you this is how it really is during a casting session for Babestation Xtreme would you believe me?  Well I’m not going to tell you, simply because a little bit of mystery is always a good thing when it comes to the porn industry.
These pictures come from one of our productions called Babestation Casting Manager, and of course the basic premise of it is that the girls have to “audition” to see if they’re good enough for the show.

babestation xtreme
Monty photographs Chantelle Fox

When Chantelle Fox entered the room fully clothed we could all see in her eyes that she just longed to be naked; she always has been one of those girls who just wants to get on with it.  She cast her eyes over all of us in the office, wondering which one of us would be fucking her soon.  In fact I wish I’d had the cameras running from the moment she walked in the door; Chantelle simply oozes sex from the moment she makes an entrance.

Well, the boys didn’t take long to get to their feet and make a mad dash to take her coat.  It was like horse race, as they leapt over desks, chair and waste paper baskets; however, it was even more so like a horse race because I already knew which one was going to win.  He started off by bringing up the rear (something that he was quite keen on anyway) and ended up coming in last.  I chose Monty because he looks good in a suit and seems to look a little bit like a Babestation casting manager, if indeed there was such a thing and they weren’t all vitamin D starved adolescents with jam jar glasses, sitting behind a monitor all day long.

babestation xtreme

22nd June 2012 – Carla Cox Goes To The Ballet – Babestation Xtreme

I do so enjoy going to the Ballet, being something of a ‘culture vulture’ I find It helps me to unwind after days spent dodging the high pressure contents of overfilled testicles, I might take a trip to an Art Gallery or take in some Theatre, but truth be told Ballet is something of a favourite of mine, I will usually meet a group of like minded friends at a quiet Ale House for some post show roisterings and then, mood set, Hail a Hackney Carriage and make our way to Her Majesty’s finest Opera House.
Currently showing at the Royal Opera house is Les Noces a thrilling visual feast set to a thunderous score by Stravinsky that is really the modernist masterpiece, the striking choreography depicts the rituals of a traditional Russian wedding from the consecration of the bride and groom to the celebratory wedding feast, the emphasis is as much on the continuity of tradition within a community as on the bride and groom with the corps de ballet providing a strong counterpoint to the soloists, as they dance in unison and create bold, sculptural shapes, both the Kirov and the Royal Ballet have performed this intense work but it is the Royal Ballet version that I really enjoy.

The grace, poise and intensity of Ballet really is something to behold, if you imagine for one moment this is the past time of poofs and nancy boys then you are very much mistaken..It was while watching this mesmerising performance last week that I could not help myself during a particularly intense grand demi plie of an image popping quite randomly into my mind of the ever fragrant Carla Cox doing a ‘grand demi plie’ of her own on one of our resident stud’s hefty member, the distraction must have been evident on my face as one of my companions commented on my momentary loss of concentration “here comes the good bit’ he chided me ‘yes I was thinking the same thing myself’  Carla seemed to have a lasting effect on me.

babestation xtreme
Carla Cox

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