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Saturday 11th December 2021 Babeshow Review


Jamie Knight

I actually enjoyed the FV shows:Jamie Knight was a very good replacement for Alice Goodwin! And went naked as well with fullish shots! It was good seeing Mila Amora on TV for her first time!? But as you say Layla Rose was her usual self!!……..Alex Le Tissier  was good as she now is:showing off her lovely big arse as well as her amazing big 36″E tits with fuller shots than when she started on nights!

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Sunday 12th December 2021 Babeshow Review


Sunday night was pretty good,
We had a webshow on that was worth watching as Amber Paige and Megan Rox did a fun GG show lots of playing with each other boobs and bum they got naked and creamy , they had a lot of fun together,
Sabrina Jade got on TV looked sexy on all fours working her perfect peachy bum in a Santa helped outfit , later she enjoyed playing with her pussy side on with sexy red boots on ,
Sophie Hart was a good main girl saw her in the office legs wide open looking very naughty,
April Mae looked stunning naked on TV lots of playing with her lovely big boobs,
Yasmin Nicole did her usual sexy preachy bum show no panties on.


Amber Paige

Hi. Yes I really enjoyed the FV shows last night! Didn’t see Sabrina but a very good night on both channels! Each FV channel had JUST three girls and a longish advert break from about 4.00ish for about 20 minutes!
673 had Sophie on for 1 hour 39 minutes being her normal sexy self,Valentina for ONLY 43 minutes! just being………Valentina. AND Melia Leigh on in two sections for a total of 1 hour 46 minutes!! Despite her ink which I don’t really like that much she was very good showing off her lovely curves and nice tits!
A very enjoyable show!
674 had Sophie on for 1 hour 2 minutes as sexy as she always is! Valentina was on for 2 hours 15 minutes!!!…………….BUT April Mae was on for 59 minutes and was fully naked for her last 49 minutes!! Most of the show! But the very last 31 minutes were top half shots! However 18 minutes of her naked with fullish shots was amazing!! And the first time she has gone naked on TV for a VERY long time!!
So unsurprisingly I kept 674!………Thanks April and BS!!!!
Tonight: Priya till 5.30am, Beth and Kimmy Lopez till 5.00am and Piggy Mouth till 6.00am!? Plus a few of my favourites are on the webshow: Amber Paige, April Mae, Nicole Snow, Ivy Black and Mila Amora!!??…………Enjoy!?………


Hardly a surprise Amber and Megan gg show was pretty good as they continued from the pervious one they done just now need to deliver on there solo stuff on tv
Also caught Jess West on the babestation webcam and never disappointed just would like her back on tv asap

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