Naughty naughties – The early days of the babeshows – Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the nostalgic old gallery pictures from babeshow yesteryear. In this blog post, we’ll  delve into Freeview’s night time live babe channels during their early years. Although our blogs already cover these shows in detail, this post offers a concise overview of their timeline.


babeshows early days

Party People: March 2006 – August 2009

The Freeview era saw Party People’s initial emergence, which took place two and a half years before the main wave of Freeview programming. Ironically, this thrust eventually became Party People’s downfall. While the “real” night shows were being experimented with, Channel 37’s daytime show during the night continued.

However, Party People’s beloved 3am broadcast, which had gained a huge fan following, was canceled once it became evident that the more explicit night shows were taking over. Babestation notably expanded its presence in Freeview night shows during the same month, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The final Party People night show, featuring Lynsey Atkinson, was introduced by Lori Buckby. Jodie, a veteran phonesex girl from Babestation, who had been working on the babe channels even before Party People’s debut, later became one half of the first voice-over and presenting duo for Babestation in November 2009.

party people early babeshow


PARTY GIRLS: September 2008- October 2009

Party Girls, a popular Freeview babeshow, achieved such a cult status that Babestation attempted to revive it around five or six months after it stopped broadcasting. If you happened to see something on a Freeview babeshow that caught your attention around that era, chances are it can be traced back to Party Girls. As the first genuine nighttime show on Freeview, Party Girls pushed boundaries by featuring a wide range of explicit content, including topless shows, semi nude shows, passionate kissing, oil-covered tits, messy fights involving cream, simulated orgasms, spanking, full BDSM outfits and even occasional appearances of female slaves. Despite an improvement in broadcast quality, the revival of Party Girls was canceled after only two months. Unfortunately, it failed to recreate the excitement and XXX allure of the original show.

Dani O'Neal on early babeshows


Partyland was considered a fairly quirky Freeview babeshow and it compensated for its limitations in explicit porn content by incorporating funny themes, interactive text-in games and sometimes haphazard sets. Callers could utilise a voicemail-to-air “Chatback” service that prominently featured a frequent viewer named Martin from Fulham during the spring of 2009. The show often mocked its own eagerness to showcase more explicit language and pictures, highlighted by themes like “Send in a photo of yourself with a potato” or “Have the girls dip strawberries in a chocolate fountain and eat them.” It was all light hearted and fun. It was like a TV version of a drinking game and viewers loved it.

In the summer of 2009, Camilla Jayne, Babestation icon, played a major role in driving the show forward, alongside babes like Tiffany Chambers, Daryl Morgan, and blonde Alex Adams. The Partyland dream team hilariously referred to each other as “Bob” and “Long Bob,” adding to the show’s charm. It’s worth noting that Tiffany Chambers was already well established in the babeshow industry prior to Partyland’s introduction. She was actually the muse for the Babestation shield. Tiffany’s content can still be found in the VIP members area, along with porn videos of Camilla and Dani O’Neal.

babestation in the naughties


BABESTATION 2: August 2009

Babestation 2 was often seen as the “harder” Freeview channel. However, the content was nowhere near comparable to the explicit nature of BSX AKA Babestation Xtreme. Babestation 2 was effectively replaced by BS Xtreme in the spring of 2010. The Babestation VIP members area contains a huge amount of video footage from these shows. Bang Babes marked the final babeshow to air on Freeview before the end of the decade.  It premiered less than a week prior to the last BS Xtra episode. Bang Babes was known back then for its shoddy output. Audiences were often left confused about which models they were actually watching, as the microphones rarely functioned properly. It’s also worth noting that early terrestrial shows suffered large delays when airing. However, Bang Babes compensated for their technical hitches by delivering more explicit and overtly sexual visuals. This approach ultimately led to the cancellation of the show due to its controversial content policy.

For more nostalgic pictures, including Babestation daytime and current trending babes, check out the gallery page.

meet the babes with Stevie on the phone


Being a text-based show, BS Xtra often welcomed some pretty niche fantasies. It seemed to thrive in terms of business during that time. Yvette Merriman, one of the show’s most popular presenters, mentioned in the first week that they received thousands of texts in one night. At one point, BS Xtra even ventured into the realm of a penis-evaluation service. Men would send in dick pics, and the models would provide ratings on a scale of one to ten. Eventually, Xtra underwent a transformation and transitioned into a regular phone sex show in 2010. Rampant TV still allows you to watch BS Xtra along with other shows like Sexstation and Studio 66 (before its closure in 2022).


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