This blog reviews some of the bits that will probably stay in the mind of the typical hardcore live babeshow fan, who loves style and likes to glance back at a selection of images and characters that pushed the class higher than ever.  Obviously it’s not comprehensive. There’s much more where this came from. In any case, assuming you’ve loved the Freeview babeshows since the good ‘ol days, prepare yourself for the principal portion of brilliant memories…


She’s going in the post in view of her own uniqueness, but also because of the uniquenessbabeshows of the job she had on the babeshows. Geri characterized the devoted presenter’s job when it started in 2009 and she utilized the job’s key aspects like audience awareness and connecting with the chaos of the studio and using it to promote the show, putting the advancement of Babestation ahead of herself.

In this present reality where nearly everybody is recalled due to their body and their phone sex ability, Geri split away from the generalization and took the babe channels as near to traditional TV entertinment as they’re ever liable to get. Babestation actually have had plenty of other truly engaging, talented, quick witted and expert presenters (Megan, Paige Turnah, Jada, Lori and Emma Butt for instance), yet put the two watchwords “Babestation” and “Presenter” to any serious babe channel fan, and the picture summoned is unavoidably going to be that of Geri.


babeshowOne babe who’s time was all too brief on the Freeview babe channels (from the audience’s point, at any rate) was Anna Lovato. Extremely brilliant, outstandingly attractive, and ideal for the gentler, more tease orientated times on the fringe of daytime and night, Anna was a phenomenal expansion to Party People’s 3am show when she initially showed up on 14th February 2009, next to Dionne Mendez. Anna did likewise make passing, one-off appearances into the universe of Party Girls and Babestation 1 on the Freeview channels, yet Party People was her proper TV home, and the show’s high level transmission with great camera work guaranteed a stand out visual effect when she was on screen.


This blog has often regarded Reede as a gigantically significant babeshow power from the developmental period of Freeview night shows. This however, is an incredible chance to add more with regards to Ella, who’s constantly represented herself very well on the babe channels (and web-based media), and was one of a small group of previous Babecast babes who, as a youngster, started off on the first Partyland show in March 2009.

Ella made her Babestation Freeview debut the evening of 29th to 30th August 2009, and became one of the regular Babestation Sales Presenters the next year – for which she had an exceptionally innate capacity and an incredible style. Ella moved from Babestation to Playboy TV in 2012, kept on showing up on Freeview as the year progressed, and in addition has eminently showed up on numerous mainstream TV programs.

However, the overriding memory comes from Ella’s first Freeview babeshow, Partyland and a mid 2009 ‘2 for 1’ section with Reede. What makes this exceptional isn’t simply the models, however the effect of the setting with regards to now, is striking. The set looks more present day than the other outdated babeshow ‘beds’ more commonly used in those days – maybe a piece like something you may have expected to see worked by Babestation in 2013. However, these eyecatching Partyland sets weren’t actually sets by any means. They were only areas around or outside the studio, involved to look as naturalistic as possible and lit up with bright lighting. In the event that you saw a drainpipe or a block facade on Partyland, you could wager it was a genuine drainpipe, and genuine blocks.


The 2008 striptease section is one of many treasures from the beginning of full strength babe channel night shows on Freeview. A large portion of which came thanks to the Channel 46 series Party Girls. Charlie C‘s Option 1 login is still on screen from the past section, however this is obviously Donna Duke, and the climax of a SMS-driven subject in which guys could message “BEAR” to the show, to demand a striptease from both of the principle presenters. The word ‘bear’ was used instead of say, ‘uncovered’ because the Party Girls cuddly bear toy was utilized to keep the striptease TV compliant. I appear to recall that The Bear – like other Party Girls toys and mascots – was sent in by a fan.

This wasn’t the main bare strip by Donna on Party Girls. Three evenings prior Amanda Rendall stripped bare in a comparative text-driven section. The two groupings were extremely cautious by the present guidelines, however explosive at the time given what was by and large thought to be adequate on Freeview, and the way that it was Donna – a colossal Babestation name, from whom completely naked TV appearances were especially intriguing.


One month in summer 2009 during which Partyland was in its autonomous state yet was being ‘attacked’ by Babestation babes. It’s consequently still the ‘old/unique’ Partyland instead of the ensuing Babestation adaptation, yet strange in that the included babes is Babestation main event Camilla Jayne. In this extremely short change period both Camilla and Tiffany Chambers became Partyland regulars. While many other BS models likewise showed up momentarily on the first show, just Camilla and Tiffany, moved off the primary studio set and out into the more irregular, more out of control environs around the building. Partyland had frequently expected to keep itself in forward movement with strange games and subjects. In any case, that was never essential with Camilla. Give her a telephone, point a camera at her, task finished.


Brimming with ideas, very much unique, cool, fun, enticing, attractive, loose, outwardly impactive, feelgood-factor, viewer friendly. No other babeshows on the Freeview stage have associated with the audience in quite the same manner as the old Babestation shows.


What a fabulous look Lori Buckby had in this spring 2009 Babestation 1 pic, caught notbabeshow long after she moved from the daytime Party People shows to Babestation evenings. Lori has, previously, shifted back and forth among blonde and brunette looks, however this is very much part of her Party People look

Indeed, even the old indirect word ‘cheeky’ (utilized before Freeview channels felt ready to utilize ‘filthy’ or ‘dirty’) brings back extraordinary recollections. The straightforwardness of the old principle Babestation set truly made the models stick out, and what an astonishing excursion Babestation fans had in front of them, encountering Lori’s change from un-assuming daytime darling to stripped naked jaw-dropper.


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