Babecast TV was a Cellcast Sky babe channel which used to run alongside Babestation through most of the 2000s. It never formally broadcast on Freeview, as the babe channel was modified to become Partyland in March 2009, to correspond with its launch on Channel 50.

BabecastBabecast broadcasted on Freeview Channel 37 rather than the planned opening to Party People on the evening of 19th to 20th February ’09. This was more than likely because of an error with the feed. Freeview CH37 transmissions were forced to adhere to a strict no-boobs rule at that point, so it’s far-fetched to think that this precise screening of Babecast was intentional. An extraordinary catch to get from a Freeview receiver however, with Babecast conveying its full Sky graphics and transmitting in 4:3 screen format.

The babe who featured in this broadcast, lady Ella Jolie was new to none-sky viewers at that point, yet would turn into a recognisable face just a month or so later. After Babecast transformed into Partyland, and Partyland hit Freeview.  Later in her career, Ella would go on to appear on other live babeshows such as Playboy TV, Red Light Central and Studio 66.  Over the years, she was one of the most popular babes to have appeared on the babeshows and appeared on almost every channel at some point or another.  You can find some old school content of Ella by becoming a Babestation VIP member.



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