History of Babe Channels- Babecast the first night

Twenty Years ago, Babecast the second Babe Show Launched – In July 2003 the second Babeshow launched obviously the first one was Babestation in December 2002 and it had gone from strength to strength in 2003 and caught the eye of British Porn baron David Sullivan when a centre spread article was published. Never one to miss an opportunity Mr Sullivan cut a deal with the owners of Babestation to produce a second show in partnership and it would be promoted in the Daily Sport.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves.


When discussing the best UK babe channels, it would be remiss not to mention Babecast TV. As one of the earliest babeshows, Babecast was launched in 2003 and introduced a wave of fresh and alluring talent to the industry.

Here, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit Babecast history.


In 2003, Sky TV presented a unique offering that did not involve downloads or links to Netflix. Instead, it heavily relied on channel surfing. The channels that secured better positions on the electronic program guide (EPG) typically attracted more viewers, as opposed to those with lower positions.

Friendly TV was a British television channel much of the channel’s output was made up of interactive programmes and games which allowed user participation by phone or mobile phone using SMS messaging.

The channel was launched in 2003 on Sky Digital channel 268 and received immediate criticism for its poor content.

BABECAST Holy Cow aka Free Sex TV

On the day of launch on the 12th of July The sport published a front pagestory and a picture of Mr Sullivan announcing that he was bringing Free Sex TV to the UK. Free Sex Tv was the original name of the show rather than Babecast. From the viewer comments on the Digital Spy Forum ( no babeshows.co.uk in those days) it was quite a show much stronger than Babestation.

Forum fans said:

OH my gosh!

Just turned on to Babecast on FRIENDLY TV to see what all the fuss was about……………………..

In a period of 10 minutes I saw 2 pairs of breasts 2 vaginas and…….one lady performing (simulating?) oral sex on another !

OH my god….its 00:20 and 2 ladies are rubbing thier vaginas together. Babestation had better do some serious thinking if want to keep viewers, competing against Babecast seems impossible.

Holy Smoking Virgin Nuns!!! That is like the BEST channel EVER!

My girlfriend even thinks its cool! God I hope this stays on! Pray to god the ITC don’t find it and nuke it.


This was in the days before Ofcom when television broadcast were regulated by the ITC.

The initial programme was found in breach of Free Sex TV was in breach of the Programme Code (Section 1.1), the general requirement on taste and decency.  Free Sex TV was in breach of the Advertising Code (Section 11.1.2) which states “premium rate services of a sexually explicit nature (ie. those which operate on the 0909 dialing code) may not be advertised”.

Free Sex TV was in breach of the Programme Code (Section 8.4) on “undue prominence” in promoting a commercial website.

Free Sex TV was in breach of the Advertising Code (Section 2.1), relating to the clear separation of advertisements and programmes.

Friendly TV wrote to the ITC saying: “We are in total agreement that the output was unsuitable for an unencrypted entertainment channel”.


Babecast Is Born

One of the notable aspects of Babecast, when compared to other babe channels like Red Light Central or S66Cams, was its inclusion of attractive talents from the Daily Sport. This harkened back to the days of page 3 and the sport girls, where one could only see these babes in pictures and rarely on television.

Leading up to the start of Babecast, it is widely believed that David Sullivan himself handpicked the top performers for the show. Many of the selected women were known for their ample assets in the chest area. Just days before the inaugural episode, producers were completely unaware of who would be appearing on the show. Typically, when launching a babechannel, there is extensive preparation and thorough discussions regarding compliance guidelines for the performers. However, due to the “celebrity status” of the initial Babecast stars, everything was hastily arranged at the eleventh hour and in some cases, may not have been organised at all.

The initial episodes of Babecast were consistently lively and had an element of spontaneity to them. Naturally, this added a great deal of excitement! During this period, the girls were able to engage in passionate kissing and incorporate props such as bananas and squirty cream. The overall experience was often playful, risqué, and the phone conversations were intense. It was also common to witness scenes of girl-on-girl spanking until the babes’ bottoms turned red.

Additionally, Babecast featured live broadcasts of beautiful Eastern European girls from Prague during the early morning hours, introducing them to many viewers for the first time.


Here are some ex babestation tv girls and babeshow names that might surprise you and others that might blast you back to the past. Sky, Sammi Rhodes, Camilla, Candy (Kandi Kay), Carmen and Gemma, Dionne, Jennifer Keelings, Denni Tayla, Reede Fox, Donna Duke, Sahara Shakur, Heavenly, Jemma Jey (who we think had her babeshow debut on Babecast), Emily Dean, Holly James, Vikki Valentine.

What Is It And How Does It Work?

Babecast is a type of programming on Friendly TV that features hosts engaging in live video chats with viewers. Hosts typically dress sexily and encourage viewers to call in or send messages to interact with them. The purpose is to provide entertainment and build personal connections with the audience.

There’s still a myspace (who remembers that) page for babecast

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