If you have to ask your partner if they climaxed, the chances are, they didn’t. However, the question of ‘did you cum?’ remains one of the most commonly asked questions between couples. As a company centred around sex and arousal, we at Babestation know that achieving orgasm is one of the most incredible feelings a human can experience so then why is it so hard to define what an orgasm actually is.

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Having an orgasm is a very individualised experience as they are still being defined precisely by sex researchers. One of the fundamental issues surrounding the orgasm is why humans evolved this attribute in the first place, especially in women. It’s also unclear whether or not other animals can have orgasms which shows that humans may be totally unique in that way. One answer as to why humans might have developed this skill is because it feels fucking amazing. It could also have ‘cum about’ as an incentive for women to engage in more sexual intercourse resulting in reproduction. This is how evolution works.

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What exactly is an orgasm?

An orgasm is a pleasurable climax characterised by involuntary muscle contractions and releases in the central nervous system accompanied by feelings of intense pleasure and satisfaction. In men, it is typically accompanied by ejaculation, which is the emission of sperm during orgasm.

During orgasm, sexual pleasure builds gradually, reaching a peak when the person feels an intense feeling of pleasure. This feeling can last for a few moments or hours depending on the person’s response to orgasm.

Orgasm is often defined as a series of rhythmic contractions of the genital muscles followed by relaxation. Some people may experience feelings of ecstasy immediately after doing it whereas others may experience a sense of satisfaction for several minutes after cumming.

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What happens during an orgasm?

Sexual tension increases throughout the sexual response cycle, resulting in an orgasm. Heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate all rise as this tension builds. The bloodstream is flooded with hormones, causing the muscles in the genitals and anus to contract rhythmically. Women also experience uterine and vaginal contractions as well as a rush of fluid, or as the Babestation tv girls call it ‘pussy juice’. For men, the muscles at the base of penis may contract, usually resulting in ejaculation. Orgasms can also occur without any sexual stimulation, such as after pleasuring yourself or watching porn, Why don’t you test this theory by watching Babestation tube or by accessing the explicit videos in the VIP members area.

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We know that most animals ejaculate but that doesn’t mean they orgasm. A great example of this is shown in a 2009 study in the International Journal of Impotence Research. Researchers gave a handful of healthy male volunteers a drug called silodosin, which made it so they couldn’t ejaculate but still orgasm. Plenty of people also orgasm or ejaculate without one being connected to the other.

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A common theory from scientists is that orgasms in women or people with vaginas are just a byproduct of our evolution much like wisdom teeth. It’s basically anything left over that isn’t necessary for reproduction or survival, like the wings on birds that can’t fly. Women weren’t designed to have climaxes, as disappointing as that sounds. These are all ultimately just theories and one way women can stick it to nature is to keep climaxing and humming HARD!

Source: Experts aren’t sure why why humans evolved orgasms.



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