Webcam scammers are now using fake skin to pose as nude women 

You know the saying seeing is believing? Well apparently we can’t even trust our own eyes anymore because a bunch of webcam scammers over in China are getting so damn good at fooling people that they’ve actually managed to morph into smoking hot women as a way to try and steal money from victims. Police in China have issued a warning about a new blackmail scam going around that involves tricksters using a type of fake skin suit to pose as naked women. The scammers then use their new identity to catfish unsuspecting horny dudes who believe they are chatting to a sexy woman.

webcam scammers

Nine times out of ten the naked ‘woman’ is just a male con artist dressed up in the fake skin suit, complete with big tits and a realistic pussy. Pretty enticing to a lonely guy who just wants to see a naked lady. However, this scam isn’t for anyone’s sexual gratification, it’s all just a sneaky way of extorting money. It all starts fairly innocently with the fake woman requesting some naughty online chat with a bit of phonesex thrown in. The guy, believing all of his Christmases have come early, can’t wait to get online and when he does he is greeted with the sight of a beautiful nude woman who then requests that the guy gets naked too. Once the guy is undressed the scammer screen records all of the XXX action and uses the compromising pictures and video footage to blackmail the victim. Yikes!

Check out this footage of the scammers removing their fake skin

In some cases the webcam scammer will actually start removing the skin suit during the online chat with the guy so they can record his full horrified reaction. Wow, it’s like a fucked up episode of Scooby Doo. I mean there’s no denying that the skin suits are pretty impressive but it’s terrifying that this scam is actually a thing. One way to avoid being scammed by fake nude women is to stick with Babestation. After all, all of our babes are radiating 100% pure sex appeal and with the closeup shots we get of their hot nude curves, there is no mistaking our ladies.

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